Eastern Pools Announces Its Expanded Maintenance And Water Treatment Services

Eastern Pools Announces Its Expanded Maintenance And Water Treatment Services
Eastern Pools recently made an important announcement regarding its expanded maintenance and water treatment services in West Norton, OH. The company announced that it has decided to expand these services as a way to help local homes and businesses ensure that their pools are ready for summer.

Norton, OH – May 31, 2019 – Eastern Pools, a pool and spa company based in Norton, OH, recently made an announcement concerning its expanded maintenance and water treatment services. According to Eastern Pools, summer is a busy and somewhat stressful time for pool owners, and the company’s expanded maintenance and water treatment services will help pool owners out.

Eastern Pools went on to state that its expanded water treatment services include onsite water testing. The company said that this service is essential for all pool owners, especially pool owners whose pool is used frequently by large groups of people. Eastern Pools indicated that its onsite water testing services will identify any imbalances in the pool’s chemicals. The company also stated that its expanded treatment services also include chemical treatments designed to restore balance. According to Eastern Pools, leaving the water unbalanced can result in serious damage to the heater and costly repairs. Eastern Pools recommends that pool owners have their water tested at least once a week.

Eastern Pools, who can also be seen at https://www.yelp.com/biz/eastern-pools-norton-2, also announced that its water treatment and maintenance services also include regular pool cleaning. The company indicated that this service is required in order to keep the pool germ-free and safe to swim in. According to Eastern Pools, water that is not treated on a regular basis will likely get infested with algae and bacteria. Eastern Pools also mentioned that it can help pool owners eliminate the threat of algae and bacteria, and the diseases they cause.

Eastern Pools closed its announcement by providing some helpful company information. Eastern Pools has been in business for over fifty years, having started in 1963. In addition to providing pool and spa services in Norton, OH, Eastern Pools also offers a variety of pool and spa products, including pool toys and pool chemicals. Eastern Pools stated that it provides both residential and commercial pool and spa services in Northeast Ohio. Eastern Pools has become the region’s most trusted name in pool and spa care. 

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