K-Wellness Is One Step Away From Globalization

Alongside with the heightened interest in overall well-being in many countries, traditional medicine is gaining attention from western countries due to its holistic and natural approach to healing and is being perceived as an alternative to conventional medicine, especially from patients who are suffering from chronic diseases.

While oriental medicine can be perceived as an exotic topic to those from the western countries, traditional Korean medicine can be traced back to 3,000 B.C.

In the midst of this trend, Dong Ui Dang, a newly launched health food brand by TAERIM PHARMACEUTICAL, recently received FDA Approval for its Aquilaria Agallocha Roxburgh Health Food Product Called Chim Hyang Hwan, which is a health food that helps to improve vitality, constitution, health and nutrition. 

Chim Hyang is one of the main materials that is considered indeed a precious source that can be only obtained from an Aquilaria Agallocha Roxburgh of more than 30 years of age, when it’s resin (gruina), caused by a wound, is accumulated for a long time and goes through natural aging process.

This newly launched premium product, Chim Hyang Hwan, has been tested for its nutritional components in accordance with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) NLEA 2016 Guidelines, as well as various domestic certifications.

Most well-known for its complicated and difficult approval procedures, FDA’s most important role is to manage the safety, distribution and the sales of commodity products to protect public health and to continuously monitor product safety.

Chim Hyang Hwan is recommended for people who have suddenly experience decreased physical strength or those who require special healthcare during season changes. Also, any workers who are experiencing fatigue due to busy work life and accumulated stress can benefit from this product as well. The intake method is very simple as well as it just needs to be taken once a day with or without water.

Story Behind Dong Ui Dang


Dong Ui Dang is a newly launched health food brand by TAERIM PHARMACEUTICAL, and their brand mission is to take over the meaning of Dong Ui Bo Gam, which is considered the most valuable cultural heritage, when it comes to oriental medicine in Korea.

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