The Samantha Ealy Show pledges to make entrepreneurial education more widely accessible than ever before

The Samantha Ealy Show challenges the existing unfair homogeneity in the current entrepreneurial world by bringing in most updated and highest quality business advice straight from diverse business leaders.

A ray of hope for aspiring entrepreneurs struggling to start their businesses due to lack of resources and support in a traditional homogeneous entrepreneurial world. A dynamic and visionary entrepreneur in San Francisco, Samantha Ealy, has recently launched a campaign at Kickstarter to support her path-breaking web series that aims to bring diversity in entrepreneurship. Titled “The Samantha Ealy Show,” the upcoming web series is on a mission to support struggling entrepreneurs by making entrepreneurial education more widely accessible than ever before. 

The campaign is geared to raise around $50,000 by June 24, 2019.

The inspiration for the web series stems from Samantha’s observation of lack of support in the entrepreneurship world, especially for women of color. 

“Women of color receive the least amount (just 1%) of venture capital funding. It’s disheartening,  unfair, and unjust. I can bring in the example of my mom who always had this in her to start her own fashion business but she couldn’t as she didn’t know how to start a business. For women of color, such as myself and my mother, entrepreneurial support is minimal when it comes to starting a business. This is mostly because of the unfair homogeneity in the contemporary entrepreneurial world, which is crashing down on our entrepreneurship dreams big time. But not anymore- The Samantha Ealy Show is here to make a difference and for better”, stated Samantha Ealy, a promising MBA Candidate at the Stanford Graduate School who also holds a bachelors degree in Film & Digital Media.

The Samantha Ealy Show is driven by the mission to challenge the existing conceptions around homogeneity in entrepreneurship to make people aware of the discriminations around. The talk show will interview and feature diverse entrepreneurs and extend an exclusive opportunity to viewers to watch the entire entrepreneurial process from close-up. The web series pledges to guide viewers towards self-achievement and self-actualization through updated and premium quality entrepreneurial advice. 

“The Samantha Ealy Show is based on the vision to reshape the way people view their business aspirations and plans so that more and more budding entrepreneurs can get closer to success than ever before. I believe, by bringing in experts and also by sharing my entrepreneurial knowledge, I would be able to help my viewers enjoy long-term business success effectively. But a professional web series is always an elaborate affair and demands robust support. Thus, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will help us to create a much-needed change in the current entrepreneurial world.”

A host of rewards are waiting for the backers. These include an exclusive invitation in the Samantha Ealy Show inner circle, regular updates, and sneak-peek into the show, backer’s name in the show credit, video chat with the host (Samantha herself), in-person chat and so on. Pledges reaching $5,000 or more will be invited for episode sponsor and dinner with the host. 

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