New Cybersecurity Software Provides Advanced Methods of Protection Against Cyber Attacks

Los Angeles, CA – May 31st, 2019 – ITinvestigator, announced today the launch of their new software: The Cybersecurity Robot for individuals and businesses.

The Robot is the first of its kind security solution, that surpasses standard anti-virus and anti-malware software. It protects the user from known and unknown cyber threats, by conducting a comprehensive privacy and security scan.

After years of cyber intelligence investigating and sharing, the team at ITinvestigator concluded that a new approach is vital, or we will see more of the endless same pattern. Cyber criminals always figure out a way to bypass systems, that are in most cases preventable.

The Cybersecurity Robot Software is superior to having a human Cyber Security Expert audit your machine for vulnerabilities that are the catalyst in thousands of different viruses and exploits. It does this in part by simulating the techniques involved in compromising systems, extracting personal data and complete system take-overs.

The software also incorporates education that teaches all users, regardless of how technical they are. Education on how to protect themselves from the most advanced and deceptive methods social engineers deploy, including those used by APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) actors. The software provides the users real-time on screen output of issues, making the education more impactful.

Current methods of protection focus on the hope that some security product will intercept a breach, and prevent any attack. The reality is, we see organizations and personal machines getting compromised on a daily basis. The Cybersecurity Robot addresses a breach by not just trying to prevent it, but by also minimizing damage by protecting the files and data that hackers use to extort and steal. This method is a new approach to Cyber Security and can render any breach as mostly harmless including Ransomware attacks.

The Cybersecurity Robot is available as a free download. Users can scan their system or the systems of their employees and discover what if any vulnerabilities require their attention. To learn more and download the software visit

About ITinvestigator:

ITinvestigator develops software and educational videos to combat the latest cyber threats. ITinvestigator was the first to publish a demo of the methods deployed by hackers to steal cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Its software Task Detector detects malicious programs like keyloggers and cryptominers that hide from running processes. Earlier this year ITinvestigator released ZombieExposer, the only software dedicated to catching click fraud bots and malware that circumvent outbound firewall rules. In addition, ITinvestigator provides cyber intelligence to fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

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