Restaurants Are Seeing Success with RSI’s New Purchasing Services

Restaurants Are Seeing Success with RSI\'s New Purchasing Services

In an industry where profit margins are usually slim to none, burgeoning restaurateurs are ever-eager for tips and tricks for increasing their bottom line. While some find ways to cut down on expenses or raise their prices, one company is offering a unique cost-saving solution to restaurant owners. RSI (Restaurant Services, Inc.) is a group of accountants, tax professionals, IT experts, and former chefs and restaurant owners helping current owners succeed in their ventures. Their experience alone makes RSI valuable to any restaurant owner looking to increase their success. Besides real-world wisdom, RSI also boasts some impressive statistics when it comes to their clients. Currently, RSI serves more than 1,600 clients, reports a 91% first-year restaurant success rate from their clients, and supports a 14% average net profit from their clients. One of the beneficial services they offer is an exclusive purchasing agreement where their clients receive back 100% of the savings.

How does RSI’s Purchasing Service Work?

One way food service professionals try to save money is by making purchases from a bulk distributor or a group buying organization. However, the more between the product manufacturer and the restaurant, the fewer savings restaurant owners see. On top of that, many of these group buying organizations foster deals with a few select suppliers, so owners may be limited on the relevancy of the products to their cuisine or be forced to use a supplier that isn’t as cost-effective as another.

What makes RSI different from these models is that they allow restaurant owners to use their own supplier, plus the owner realizes a 100% rebate savings by purchasing through RSI instead of a partial rebate from a supplier in a group buying organization. RSI’s list of participating manufacturers includes big brand names such as General Mills, Nestle, and Tyson among dozens of others. With this strategy, along with their team of analysts auditing and negotiating vendor agreements for the restaurant owner, their clients see 7-9% savings on their food spend.

With food and beverage costs comprising a large portion of a restaurant’s overall expenses anyway, an owner can reduce these costs will cause a significant impact on the profitability of their business. Restaurants can be risky if an owner isn’t carefully examining every expense and conducting weekly reviews of their finances. However, companies like RSI can help restaurant owners stay profitable and successful for years to come.  

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