New Restaurants Start Using RSI’s Upfront Planning Guide

New Restaurants Start Using RSI\'s Upfront Planning Guide

It’s no secret that success in the restaurant business doesn’t come easy. Often, restauranteurs spend countless hours and resources to realize their dreams. While the demand is guaranteed (people need to eat), running a successful restaurant is more complicated than just providing people with food, the people paying for the food, and everyone living happily ever after. Even the most skilled chef with the tastiest plates in town could end up bankrupt within 24 months, like nearly half of all restaurant startups, if he’s not careful. So then, what separates the successes from the failures if profit and sustainability aren’t based on talent in the kitchen? More often than not, it is grounded on the strength of the plan before the doors are even open.

Unfortunately, many restauranteurs who are more familiar with fillets than finances make common mistakes that can lead to a quick demise. Experience is a great teacher in the business world, but some restaurant owners only have one shot at success. They need mentors to guide them through difficult decisions and avoid costly mistakes. That is why companies like Restaurant Services, Inc. exist. Their team of former restaurant owners and chefs, financial gurus, and tech experts assist restaurant owners in everything from sourcing ingredients to calculating the number of staff needed to set up a computer system that tracks every transaction. When someone’s goal is to start a restaurant, RSI ensures it is done well.

When restaurant startups contact RSI, they can expect to curate a detailed financial plan specific to their restaurant. RSI experts help restauranteurs forecast sales based on their hours of operation, numbers of tables, revenue centers, expected turn rate, and guest check average. Restaurant owners can also develop a labor matrix that accurately calculates how many staff members are needed at any given time and how many totals the restaurant should have on its payroll. Lastly, restaurant owners can develop a 5-year plan based on projected sales growth and expense fluctuations, so they are better prepped for the future. This website has the information necessary to get started.

Because of these detailed plans and other tools RSI provides, their clients boast a 91% first-time restaurant success rate. When it comes to realizing a dream, a solid financial plan is a necessity to ensure its success. That is why more and more restauranteurs nationwide have partnered with RSI in their ventures.

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