Homeowners Looking for Customized Outdoor Living Spaces Built in Atlanta

Homeowners Looking for Customized Outdoor Living Spaces Built in Atlanta

We never would have been able to celebrate my fiftieth birthday in style if we were sitting out on that old patio we had when we moved into our home. We were using that old, mold-covered patio for ten years before we had the motivation to do something about it. I didn’t have the skills or tools to do the work on my own, but I found a reliable company that had a track record for success. While working with professionals, I was able to draw up a blueprint for what I wanted the patio to look like, and they did all the hard work to make my dream a reality. 

Taking My Blueprint Seriously

This wasn’t my first attempt to work with professionals to build upon my home’s exterior design. We had a company come out to work on finishing our basement when we bought the house, so I asked them to give me a quote on replacing our concrete patio. When I told them what I wanted it to look like, they shook their heads and laughed at me. I’ve never felt so humiliated before in my life. We didn’t get that treatment when we chose professionals to work on restoring our patio. 

We found a company that knew everything there was to know about concrete. They knew how to bust up the old rock, and they knew the right types of concrete to use for the job we wanted them to do. We found their contact information on https://atlantacustomconcrete.com before we set up an appointment to speak with a professional from their company. They came out to our home and gave us a quote with an estimated timeline for completion.

We were surprised at how professional the company was when we first spoke to someone over the phone. The representative seemed to know a good deal about their industry, and the person who came out to our home from Custom Concrete INC. knew a whole lot more about giving us what we wanted to accomplish. They didn’t laugh at my ideas for the patio, and they didn’t try to sell us on adding something to the house that we didn’t already want. When we saw how good the patio looked, we decided it would make sense to recommend these services to our friends and family.

The folks who did the labor were contractors hired by the company we spoke to over the phone. They broke up the old concrete on the first day, and they even hauled most of it away on that first day. The contractors from Atlanta Custom Concrete poured our patio foundation, and they smoothed out any imperfections before they finished the job. We both agree that it looks great.

We feel like we’re in a new house. When we walk outside onto our new patio, it’s like we’re walking out onto a private villa in Spain. I’m surprised at how quick the project was completed, just in time for my party.

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