Making a Difference by Addressing the Hunger and Starvation Problems of an African Child

Most of the African countries at present are facing Code Red Crisis, and for the children over there, hunger is a constantly rising problem. Although it is difficult to provide all the desired facilities to these kids, some charities are making efforts to fulfil their essential requirements.

In order to look after the problems people at Nigeria are facing these days, a team from AfrikRising organization visited the Agape Charity Home Orphanage at Ubakala Umauahia, Abia State, Nigeria. The orphanage was observed to have 20 kids, and they were struggling hard to get enough resources. Although the service providers are serving all essential care needs to these kids, they are suffering from a shortage of food to serve 20 kids, 3 times a day.

In order to meet the food requirements of those kids, AfrikRising decided to provide beans, rice, yams, palm oil, cereals, and beverages to the orphanage. Today, Nwaokonko Henry, Board Member of AfrikRising, is working efficiently to search more orphanages with similar kind of needs.

With this action, Mrs. Okonkwo Rose at Agape Charity Home Matron stated that obtaining such great help from people without hoping anything in return is a really big support for the orphanage. This action made them feel more encouraged and energized from AfrikRising’s kindness.

On the other hand, CEO and Founder of AfrikRising, Christine Reidhead said that finding the opportunity to serve such needy people in the community is definitely a blessing in life. AfrikRising is always ready to make a differences in society with their positive actions. And they are looking for more opportunities to serve starving and needy children in Africa.

Professionals at AfrikRising believe that there is no point in letting those kids starve just because they don’t have access to the best resources. If capable people decide to fight the hunger and poverty for this generation in Africa, it is possible to create a better tomorrow.

No child should remain hungry in Africa; if everyone starts working with this cause, it is possible to empower African families so that they can feel encouraged to fight poverty and hunger.


AfrikRising represents a dedicated and strong team of volunteers that are always ready to help the sufferers in society. Presently, they are working hard to deal with the hunger in Africa to make a difference for the upcoming generations in the country. This charity was developed to provide assistance to the needy people and starving African child. The prime goal is to serve the basic needs of the sufferers, such as education, services, and necessities. Anyone out there can join the team to make real change in the world. You can support the cause in many ways, through volunteer services, fundraising services, and message circulation as well.

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