“Sanxingdui – Jiuzai Valley – Panda” Walking into Berlin, Sichuan Beautiful Scenery Stunning Germany

Berlin – May 31, 2019 – On the afternoon of May 22, Sichuan Culture and Tourism Promotion Conference of “Panda Homeland Beautiful Sichuan” was held in Berlin, Germany. Peng Qinghua, Secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, Wu Ken, Chinese Ambassador to Germany, Michelle Müntefering, Minister of State of the German Foreign Ministry and Member of the German Federal Parliament, Mark Speich, Special Representative of the Governor of North Rhine-Westphalia and Secretary of State for Federal, European and International Affairs of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Fiebig Norbert, President of the German Traveling Salesmen Association, Volker Adams, Vice President of the German Traveling Salesmen Association, Liu Guosheng, President of the German-Chinese Exchange Association, and Chinese and German people from politics, business, culture and tourism and other circles came to attend the promotion conference.

At the sign-up and tea break locations of the promotion conference, five greeters dressing up as Panda dolls attracted many German guests. They took out their mobile phones and took selfie with “Panda”. “Hello Panda”, “Panda” and German friends greeted each other. Teacher Yang Huazhen, a national non-material cultural heritage inheritor of Tibetan and Qiang Embroidery from Sichuan, showed the German audience Tibetan and Qiang Embroidery, non-material treasure into which China’s Tibetan and Qiang compatriots put their national wisdom and extraordinary skills.

The artists from the Beauty and Melody band of Sichuan Symphony Orchestra and the German musicians played the opening music of the promotion conference, telling Sichuan stories with Sichuan elements and conveying Sichuan expressions with Sichuan sounds. The wonderful music attracted all the guests attending the promotion conference. Warm applause ring throughout the venue immediately after the last note was settled.

After the beautiful melody, the “Hundred Flowers Blooming for Beauty” and other dances performed by the artists of Sichuan Province Song and Dance Theatre made the whole venue more active. The dancers dressed in gorgeous performing costumes presented the German guests a unique and beautiful dance performance “Face Changing”, Sichuan traditional Sichuan opera stunt, by the magical and changeable facial changes, spurred the whole audience to exclaim with admiration, especially when panda face appeared.

After the wonderful national instrumental music and the colorful Chinese dance performance, the promotion conference officially unveiled. Peng Qinghua makes a keynote speech, and Ms. Müntefering, Minister of State of the German Foreign Ministry, Wu Ken, Chinese Ambassador to Germany, and Speich, Secretary of State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany addressed respectively. In his keynote speech, Peng Qinghua stated that enhancing culture and tourism cooperation between Sichuan and Germany would have broad prospects. At the same time, he put forward three suggestions for the cooperation between Sichuan and Germany: first, build more cooperation platforms among local governments and strengthen cooperation in cultural exhibition, industrial planning, scenic area management, marketing, cultural and creative design, and so on.

Second, promote cooperation between culture and tourism enterprises, organize exchanges and visits between enterprises of the two places, and conduct mutual procurement and sales of products and services of culture and tourism. Third, promote exchanges and visits between the people of Sichuan and Germany, establish more sister cities and organize the youth for study tour and communication, constantly enhancing the friendship between the people of Sichuan and Germany. In her speech, Ms. Müntefering emphasized the importance of local cooperation and expressed that local cooperation can continuously narrow the distance between China and Germany-enterprises, students, artists, officials and other people from all walks of life can exchange ideas, learn from each other and promote mutual understanding.

Ambassador Wu Ken stated in his speech that Sichuan, as a major province in population and tourism, plays an important role in Sino-German cultural exchanges and tourism cooperation. The reason why Sichuan has become a hot province for high-level visits and tourism cooperation between China and Germany is closely related to its positive attitude towards opening to the outside world. Sichuan has always been the pioneer of China’s opening up. He expressed his confidence that this event will help to deepen the German people’s understanding of Sichuan Province and even the whole Chinese culture, and promote the cultural exchanges and tourism cooperation between the two countries.

Dai Yunkang, Director of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, introduced Sichuan’s rich cultural and tourism resources, 144-hour transit visa-free and inbound tourism incentive policies to the guests. The interesting descriptions of cultural and natural heritage such as Sanxingdui, Panda, Jiuzhai Valley, and the exquisite pictures and videos of Sichuan’s beautiful scenery made the guests linger on, and moreover, Sichuan’s rich cultural tourism resources and its thoughtful and meticulous service were highly praised by the German people from all walks of life. Finally, Dai Yunkang cordially invited the German traveling salesmen to go to Leshan, Sichuan to participate in the International Travel Fair in September this year in group, and inspect the high-quality Sichuan tourist routes.

At the promotion conference, Sichuan Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Symphony Orchestra and other units completed the signature of six cooperation agreements with German partners, laying a good foundation for further cooperation in culture and tourism and other fields.

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