Ethical Index Tracking aims to create a better and honest global environment

As modern societies become more and more complex with every passing day it is not a rare sight to see people using unfair means to succeed in attaining their personal definition of success. In such a world, it becomes exceedingly necessary to keep track of ethics and morality. Ethical Index is a unique website that offers a platform to view and create profiles of people based on their moral characters. The website features profiles of people as random as local shopkeepers to strong and influential celebrities and leaders on the business and political front. The website aims to grow and reach out to a wider audience and for this reason has launched a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter. The funding goal has been set at $11,159.

With businesses becoming increasingly crafty and politicians becoming corrupt, the world is staring at a collective loss of optimism and trust. Ethical Index offers a website that is accessible to all. People can go online and review people without investing much time or effort. From deciding on the right candidate to choose from in the local elections to the stranger that might turn out to be a potential friend or romantic partner- everyone’s ethical index can be successfully tracked. Ethical Index allows people to make better informed and cautious decisions while reaching conclusive judgments on other people’s morality and code of conduct.

The ultimate goal behind a website that allows for the rating and ranking of people is to create a global society that is safe and is welcome to the concept of transparency. This will hopefully allow for a better understanding of the relationships and structures of society. The global database will be taking great advantage of technology and its growing influence and will help create an enhanced network of awareness and moral conscience.

To endorse a safer and dignified global community visit the official Kickstarter campaign page for Ethical Index. Information on the perks available for backers can also found there.

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