NedaYasee is an Iranian-Canadian internet personality, Instagram comedian or entertainer, and makeup video blogger. She recently garnered over 1.1 million followers on her main Instagram page.

NedaYasee is one of the few Instagram personality that entertain her followers with funny videos and at the same time, pass some messages to them. Born to a crowded family of 7 siblings in Iran, NedaYasee is what can be best described as someone that is surviving against all the odds. After living a tough and restricted life in Iran, she moved to Canada, where she now enjoys freedom unlike her home country, Iran.

Her social media journey began back in 2014 when she started posting makeup/beauty tips and tutorial videos on YouTube. She became the first and only Iranian beauty video blogger who started producing beauty related/ makeup tips and tutorials in Persian/Farsi language. She later stopped as she began struggling financially and emotionally after breaking up with her Canadian boyfriend. The emotional struggles that resulted from her break up saga pushed her to find solace in Instagram. She aimed to make new friends, tell people about her experiences and advocate for more freedom for girls and women in Iran.

NedaYasee currently has three Instagram pages, but she’s only active on two. Every day, she creates and posts exciting stories on both pages as well as going live a couple of times a week. Her main Instagram page, @ nedayasee2, currently has 1.1million followers which are pretty exciting. On that Instagram page, she has created a lot of videos and interesting stories that include her street sexual abuse story in Iran, giving advice and tips about feminine hygiene during their menstrual period, posts regarding racism in Iran, doing makeup tutorials, talks about depression and anxiety and how to overcome it and more.

NedaYasee always refers her followers to as “family base”. She was not afraid to tell her story because she believed that it would inspire her followers. She accepted that she wasn’t perfect and will never be perfect. On her Instagram pages, people were able to relate with her on another level because she lets out the skeletons in her closets.

NedaYasee’s main goal is to entertain her followers such that they will forget about their daily stress and connect with them on a personal level for those few minutes she goes live on Instagram. Also, she would like to have her line of make-up, merch and create top-notch quality products that will suit her followers. Join the 1.1 million followers and connect with NedaYasee on her Instagram page below.

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