“Fundraising For Your Baseball Program”: Key To A Lifetime Dream

From little league to the big leagues, a dream born in youth to become a professional baseball player is an obtainable goal. All components must come together, including fundraising. Whether it’s youth/travel ball, high school, or college, to make it into the farm system of a professional baseball organization takes more than just raw talent.  It takes unwavering support from all corners of your physical & social development. 

According to the NCAA’s official estimates as of 2018, nearly 12% of college baseball players will go on to play some form of Big League Baseball.  The other 4 major sports (Football, Basketball, Hockey & Soccer) are all less than 2%. While a pro career may seem like a pipe dream to most, baseball still proves why it is America’s Pastime. 

What’s more American than Apple Pie, the Stars & Stripes, 4th July BBQ’s and Fireworks? Playing baseball at its highest level.

By providing a legitimate glimmer of hope for young athletes with a dream, whether at Division I or Junior College, pro ball might just be in your future. So how do you get there?

One unique way is by recognizing the value of fundraising on an annual basis. For baseball, one can stay ahead of the competition with the right fundraising formula. Utilizing top training equipment, having proper footwear, maintaining a good balanced diet, and receiving proper skills training are all essential tools that require fundraising in various methods. So which method is the most profitable and efficient for student-athletes? 

Campaign Sports offers a fundraising option for baseball coaches, student-athletes and booster clubs alike nationwide which involves an alternative method to traditional crowdfunding. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by our commitment to seamless execution of the fundraiser, more than fair compensation for our efforts and first class customer service from start to finish.

Playing baseball at the highest level is one of the greatest fabrics of the American Dream. One of the key elements to making that dream possible is fundraising and Campaign Sports welcomes the opportunity to be apart of your journey.

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