LILLADUA Baby Products Revolutionize the Industry with Convenient Solutions for Parents

LILLADUA Baby Products Revolutionize the Industry with Convenient Solutions for Parents
LILLADUA is pleased to announce the launch of its new product, the Heat Sensitive Color Changing Baby Feeding Bottle.

California, USA – LILLADUA offers innovative alternatives to traditional baby products by means of cutting edge technology, design innovation and superb functionality. According to its founder, the company has developed a real understanding for the needs of parents, whether they are anxious first-timers or experienced old hands:

“Having a baby means lots of hard work. So many women feel that they aren’t ready because raising a baby can be overwhelming. And that’s the reason whywe came up with the LILLADUA brand.  Our products are specifically designed with your baby’s comfort and safety in mind.  But we’ve also incorporated some very coolfeatures that will make your life as a parent so much easier!”

The company has a variety of unique products in the works, but their signature product is the LILLADUA Heat Sensitive Color Changing Baby Feeding Bottle. This remarkable new product makes feeding a baby easy and convenient, and offers a number of benefits.

Manufactured from non-toxic, pharmaceutical grade glass, the outside of the bottle is coated with heat-sensitive color changing silicone. If the temperature of the milk is too high, the bottle changes color.  Then as the contents cool, the bottle changes back to its original color. The silicone coating also works as a safeguard against breakage or shattering

Soft to the touch, the bottle is easy to grip and hold. Its curved shape allows for feeding in the semi-upright position, helping prevent ear infections in newborns. The food-grade silicone nipple also has an anti-colic vent, to prevent air bubble formation.

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The Heat Sensitive Silicone Baby Feeding Bottle has rapidly become very much in demand from parents of newborns, and it’s also proving to be a popular gift item.

The company is currently offering a time-limited giveaway event. Randomly selected Instagram followers will receive the LILLADUA Waterproof Silicone Bib With Pocket, for free!

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