The constant uncertainty of the economic policies of third world governments has been a harsh reality for the past decades. High volatility and inflation driven by confusing leader speeches and international discrepancy seem to be the everyday news. How would there be any possible way to profit from this situation?

Seemingly Bitcoin has escalated “once again” price and attention from all over the world especially from developing countries where the only certainty is inflation and uncertainty.

Investing in gold or American dollar are both expensive and targeted by treasure department interest.

A new tendency for cryptocurrencies is rising in an uncertain market where even Mexican Farmers through planetagro’s platform are betting for blockchain technology trying to build a closer relationship between final consumers and approaching crowd venture capital. 

Highly volatile prices for food is now in the hawks eye of international capitalist seeking to take a part of a possible drowning economy environment. Where investing in the basic basket of goods being provided through the basic most important of industries seem to be the obvious bet.

Blockchain projects credibility has been exponentially growing especially with fintech secondary laws in place.

Trading international companies like binance or coinbase have been available to reach the Mexican market through legally based platforms such as BITSO or PLANETAGRO blockchain based projects seem to be the tendencies thanks to its traceability and certainty.

History has witnessed much more than one fortune 500 companies have started in a small suburb garage Hard work and correct team players placed in the right time has been the success formula. The growing expectation on whether financial institutions will get behind these projects is whats keeping international attention.

The opening of this voracious “HODL” at the right moment might be what empowers the agro industry and maybe the entire economy:

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