Lefant T700 Vacuum Robot, Review: A Smart and Cost-Effective Robot with Budget

In recent years, with the increasing attention of wireless hand-held vacuum cleaners and the low performance of some vacuum robots, the heat of vacuum robots seems to be somewhat weakened. Many people feel that vacuum robots are not very useful. But this is just a difference in the division of labour. Hand-held vacuum cleaners and vacuum robots have different usage scenarios.

Today, let’s talk about the performance and use of the lefant T700 vacuum robot.

For vacuum robot, it is not suitable for deep cleanings, such as cleaning after a party, or a “cleanup” at home. It is more suitable for daily cleaning and maintenance, maintaining a basic cleaning, reducing the workload when it is necessary to clean it manually.

Before starting to review this product, let’s briefly introduce this company. It is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on intelligent robot technology, product, and marketing, and adheres to the corporate mission of “smart home makes a better life” and insists on “intelligent technology for the professional cleaning”

Compared with other well-known brands, such as iRobot and Ecovacs, the Lefant brand is young, but its strength cannot be underestimated. For example, the T700 comes with optimized wind wheel and airflow design, which makes the sound mild and comfortable, and its cleaning coverage can reach up to 98%, etc.

So, what should a typical vacuum robot look like?

Lefant T700 is a typically smart and intelligent vacuum robot, equipped with a high-precision gyroscope for linear cleaning, bionic algorithm combined with statistical analysis, scientific planning path. vacuuming, sweeping and mopping three-in-one, cleaning coverage can reach up to 98%, efficient cleaning does not let go of any corner; and the sound control is kept at average of 58 decibels, quietly sweeping to avoid disturbing the owner.


The top of the Lefant T700 vacuum robot uses a tempered glass panel that has a good texture and is not easy to scratch on the surface, Making it easier to maintain clean. The color matching is black and red, which is more resistant to dirt. Above the top panel are the power button and the Wi-Fi indicator, the side is close to the dust box is the switch key.

Then put the machine up to show the bottom, users can see the T700’s chassis layout, using the current mainstream functional layout. The front part is two side brushes, the edge is the drop sensor, the middle back position is the suction port and the roller brush, the suction port is connected to the rear dust box, and the dust box is integrated with the filter cotton and the HEPA filter.

Suction and noise

Lefant T700 has the superior suction capacity with the 1800pa suction power meets a variety of usage scenarios. It can deal with impurities such as paper dust and moist soil mixture and free ones hands. The suction mode has three levels (low, medium and high speed), which can be quickly and conveniently adjusted according to the needs of the user. The battery capacity is a high density 2600mAh Lithium-ion, the battery life is about 2 hours, (approx cover up to 150m²), the automatic recharge is supported, so the robot will always be ready to be clean.

Also, for noise control, the T700 adopts industrial-grade optimization in the design of the air duct. The design of the blade and the angle of the gear are specially designed to minimize the noise level. The gentle sound mute does not disturb the user.

Suction, sweeping and mopping three-in-one

To improve product usage rate, the T700 integrates a three-in-one function of suction, mopping and sweeping. Some of the similar products on the market are designed with suction and mopping– the dust box is placed in the middle, and then the water tank mop is placed at the back of the machine (almost the position of the T700 dust box). Although this integrated design improves convenience, the mopping function is somewhat unpractical. In comparison, I prefer the replacement design of the T700 – remove the dust box and replace it with the water tank when mopping the floor. This separate design improves the capacity of the dust box and water tank and user experience is obviously be improved. The brush roller/suction assembly interexchange function also satisfies different usage scenarios, which is convenient and efficient and can be said to be cost-effective.

Why is “intelligent” important for vacuum robots?

In the case that there is no fundamental difference between the cleaning method and the suction performance, the “intelligent” of the vacuum robot directly determines whether the floor can be “cleaned up” better, and can the cleaning area be effectively covered.

For the Lefant T700, “intelligent” or not has a strong connection with path planning capabilities and high coverage. Those can be seen from the trace and coverage area during cleaning to see if the machine is smart.

On the one hand, during the test, it did not take too many repetitive lines during the first cleaning. The area of 30m² cleaned in 20 minutes, and the “bow-shaped” line used for clear logic. When encountering an obstacle, it can achieve a pre-judgment bypass and return to the planning path. On the other hand, the cleaning coverage is also quite good; these two points are manifestations of intelligence.

Another meaning of “smart” is related to “smart home.” Nowadays, if a product claims to be “smart”, then I think it should at least provide a smart home solution in a specific scenario. For the vacuum robot, I think it should be able to “complete the daily cleaning of the floor in the home and reduce the frequency of manual cleaning.

The T700 can be controlled remotely via the official application “Lefant,” or it can be set to sweep regularly to see the real-time sweeping track. The robot will start to work according to the schedule has been set on the app, which is a very useful function for the office workers.

In general, the Lefant T700 meets the performance and functions of a typical vacuum robot. There are no obvious shortcomings in cleaning and path planning. I believe that it will bring better experience and convenience to people’s lives.

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