Compass refers to the road currency circle breakout investors to welcome the “second spring”?

Bitcoin has been in existence for ten years. In this decade, Bitcoin has reached its peak and has fallen to the bottom. However, bitcoin still has an indelible value for development. Every field has witnessed huge business opportunities hidden in the blockchain-based virtual currency. First of all enterprises and blockchains combine to create more quality projects that benefit the people and even the country. On the other hand, some people who are good at speculation will use this technology to manipulate them illegally. users are unable to judge the value of virtual currency and suffer losses.

Compass refers to the road currency circle breakout investors to welcome the

“The Compass platform was created to thoroughly clean up the virtual currency market chaos, allowing investors to quickly stop losses and turn waste into treasure,” said a senior currency person. Now many of the money-holding users are complaining because of the plunge in the price of their coins. The compass platform happens to be the only way to solve this market pain. Let the investors devalue the virtual currency in the hands of 10 yuan to convert the compass currency, and turn waste into treasure, thus quickly “stop loss” to rebuild confidence.

There is no free lunch in the many people will have doubts about the first impression, will not be a liar?” The veteran told the author that he can fully understand the doubts of many people.Because this thing gave him the first impression, but after careful understanding and analysis, he dispelled doubts. First of all, any platform knows that the real money-bearing users are now the most expensive. In order to acquire users, the platform often costs a lot of advertising. The compass is used directly to counter the loss of users. That is to solve the problem of user source, and cultivate user loyalty. Once again, the compass platform’s own wallet, games, blockchain finance, and pass-through malls will generate huge commercial value-added under the premise of increasing users. This value-added part will also become a fund to help users stop losses. source. Third, the compass currency has a certain lock period, and the users are gradually redeeming and profiting, which will not cause huge selling pressure.To ensure the sustainability of the overall project.

The Compass team uses the decentralized multi-point circulation model as a carrier to guide users to build information distribution channels in various media nodes through community interaction, and to link up the industry upstream and downstream to build a digital asset leverage package, wallet and digital assets. The third-party blockchain integrated application platform of blockchain, which is integrated into finance, blockchain games and the pass-through mall, reduces the value loss caused by the stagnation of digital currency, and is a mutual integration of the global digital currency community. Integrated platform. Faced with the chaos of blockchain projects and virtual currency markets, Compass has developed solutions for both project parties and users.

The Compass will solve the current pain points by recycling the virtual currency of the project side, and help the project party to rebuild confidence through timely “stop loss”. This will not only achieve the landing of operating funds, but also increase user stickiness and lead to high Frequency use. On the user side, the compass allows users to convert their devalued virtual currency into a compass currency, and “turn waste into treasure” to turn losses into profit, while bringing hope and opportunity. Any currency that can be traded normally can be replaced at a higher price in the Compass, realizing the safe conversion of various digital currencies and reshaping a new market consensus mechanism.

The goal of the compass is to reclaim and cleanse the industry’s bad currencies and re-encrypt the cornerstone of the blockchain.In addition to the exchange section, compass also launched the wallet section and the game section, truly covering the global distributed storage, transaction, exchange, circulation and other blockchain application scenarios as one of the distributed CT ecosystem.

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