Animiz Launches an Upgraded Cloud-Based Animation Video Maker for 2019

Animiz Launches an Upgraded Cloud-Based Animation Video Maker for 2019
The new version of cloud-based animation video maker has additional features and functionalities that simplify users’ work and empower them to design more interactive animation videos.

Following intensive research, Animiz announced the release of their cloud-based animation video maker for 2019 – an upgraded version of their animation video software that helps users connect easily with their audiences.

The upgraded version of animation video maker comes with additional tools and features that empower users with the ability to design, store and publish their animation videos online. The revolutionary cloud-based animation video maker offers powerful materials for creating interactive animation videos with beautiful templates, an intuitive drag and drop interface, multimedia enhancements and cloud-based publishing options.

Both small and large enterprises utilize Animiz technology to design customer-centric animation videos that enhance their marketing techniques. They can tailor their creations to the needs of their target audiences. The feedback from clients helps Animiz make improvements to the software to help users deliver upscale viewer experiences that result in conversions.

“We have released our cloud-based animation video maker to allow users to access advanced tools for creating compelling animation videos,” said Jerry Fong, Designer of Animiz. With the option to save their projects securely to our cloud platform, users can flexibly share their work with massive audiences on multiple platforms online.”

The release of the cloud-based animation video maker is driven by the company’s passion for empowering their users and helping them improve their strategies when meeting their objectives. With years of perfection, Animiz continues to achieve milestones in their bid to make their software accessible and beneficial to all users. They are world leaders who strive to create a difference in the world of software innovation.   

Jerry Fong continued, “We are proud to deliver this innovative software that fulfils our users’ needs. They can continue to customize their published animation videos online on our cloud platform with language options, keyword and link additions and other adjustments to make them search engine optimized.”

The release of Animiz animation video maker is a significant step towards putting the power of design in the hands of all users who need to accomplish their business goals. Whenever they need to design animation videos for business promotion, marketing or business training, they can download the software and start creating their projects using the pre-designed tools. Animiz, together with its development team, keeps working to improve its features to accommodate users from all industries. They have a tutorial that guides new users with no design experience to create animation videos like professionals.

One can download this animation video maker here:

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