VetriMax Announces New Research for the Topical Treatment of Canine Staphyloccocal Pyoderma

VetriMax is known for animal health products that deliver results. Now, the company announces new research for the topical treatment of canine Staphylococcal Pyoderma to reduce pruritus (aka “itching”) and treat primary and secondary infections stemming from pet allergies.

College Station, TX – Jun 3, 2019 – Springtime allergies are common in the United States, affecting millions of people. Similarly, our canine companions are also afflicted by these allergies. Veterinarians (and pet owners alike) have struggled with effective treatment protocols to reduce itching, clinical dryness and the clearance of skin infections. In fact, there exist thousands of topical animal skin care products, most lacking in clinical research to support their use, creating confusion for the pet parent. Today, VetriMax simplifies the product selection process and announces new research for the topical treatment of canine Staphylococcal Pyoderma, often associated with pet allergies. The Company’s founder, Patrick S. Rayburn, strongly believes that this is exciting news, not just for veterinary professionals, but also for pet parents as well.

Canine atopic dermatitis, a hereditary condition, is seldom cured, however, can be successfully managed. Frequently, the successful resolution requires a multi-modal approach to treatment. Veterinary dermatologists have used Sodium Hypochlorite dilutions for treating stubborn animal skin infections for decades. Unfortunately, these dilutions have only 48-hour shelf life and can cause dryness.

Clinically tested and proven against resistant strains of bacteria and other microbes, Command™ Shampoo for Animals is the first-ever shampoo product of its kind. With this product, owners concerned about their dog’s itchy skin can now find relief with the application of this product. For pet allergies, this product containing sodium hypochlorite/salicylic acid shampoo for treating canine staphylococcal pyoderma. This antimicrobial animal shampoo has proven ingredients to bring the best outcome.

Elimination of fungal and bacterial infections along with parasites should be the ideal start in the process. Further, the company believes that their products surely play an essential part in this multi-modal approach to managing allergic skin conditions in pets. The makers of Command™ Shampoo for Animals, the company says “Your pet’s skin is vital to its’ health and vigor.  With so many animal skin products available, many pet parents find it confusing to make sense of all the “noise” and hype.  Like you, we want the very best for our pets. Vetrimax® products are clinically tested and expertly formulated to help you make the best choice for your pet’s skin care.”

About VetriMax:

With over 20 years of service to the veterinary industry, Founder Patrick Rayburn established VetriMax in 2012. The company’s products are expertly formulated and clinically tested for maximum efficacy and safety.

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