Blaxpride, the Super Hero for Disadvantaged Kids, Makes His Debut

Blaxpride, the Super Hero for Disadvantaged Kids, Makes His Debut

Blaxpride, a book series about an African American, is about to debut on Amazon. Authored by David Bermudez, the proceeds from the novel will be donated to charity. A special crowdfunding campaign has also been set up so as to make the book available to schools and foundations in the Oakland region.

Blaxpride is a young adult novel about an African American vigilante identified as Blaxpride. The book follows the journey of an African American billionaire Larry Lee, who has returned home to Oakland after studying in Hong Kong. Although he has changed a lot, Larry hides it from his family and younger siblings. Larry’s masked persona is that of a masked crusader, who fights societal wrongs and brings back the city of Oakland to its former glory.

The first volume of Blaxpride sees Larry return home, his past haunting him as well as his misdeeds in Hong Kong. Larry wants to live a normal life, but is forced to defend Oakland as the masked crusader, Blaxpride.

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I am raising money for multiple philanthropy reasons. Copies of my book will be donated to libraries, charities and schools in my area. They will also be sent to local schools and public facilities for disadvantaged children to read about a hero they can relate to. The royalties will be forwarded to two charities,” said David Bermudez.

Royalties from Blaxpride will go to Together We Rise and the National Kidney Foundation. David has several friends and family affiliated with the foster care system, and thus wants to give back as much as possible. He also lost both his grandmothers and sister due to chronic kidney issues.

Blaxpride can be purchased in paperback and e-book formats from Amazon.

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