Hu Jiaqi, the Famous Anthropologist, Received an Autograph Letter from the Ambassador of Guyana to China

Since the end of April 2019 when Hu Jiaqi, the famous anthropologist, posted his fourth open letter to the leaders of mankind, he has received responses from all sides. Mr. Bayney Karran, the Ambassador of Guyana to China, posted an autograph letter expressing his gratitude to Mr. Hu Jiaqi for his open letter and the enclosed Saving Humanity (English version).

On May 7, the embassy of Guyana in China called and said that the ambassador Mr. Bayney Karran wrote back to Hu Jiaqi, hoping the related personnel to check it carefully. Within the next few days, Hu Jiaqi received the autograph letter from Mr. Ambassador in which Mr. Ambassador expressed his recognition and appreciation for the book Saving Humanity (English version). He said he would forward the letter as well as the book of Hu Jiaqi to the supreme leader of Guyana in accordance with instructions.


After receiving this letter, Mr. Hu Jiaqi sent an invitation letter to the embassy of Guyana in China, saying that he taking the study of human problems as his lifelong pursuit has devoted most of his life to the study. He firmly believed that his research results were of vital importance to the fate of the human beings. Moreover, Mr. Hu Jiaqi sincerely invited Mr. Ambassador and his wife to visit his company at their convenience.

In fact, this is Hu Jiaqi’s fourth letter to human leaders. As early as Saving Humanity (Chinese edition) was published in China in 2007, Hu Jiaqi took the opportunity to write to human leaders for the first time, appealing to the whole world to act together to control the development of science and technology.

In the previous open letters, Hu Jiaqi mainly wrote to the leaders of great powers, while the fourth one extended to all countries in the world and was sent to world leaders, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the world’s top scientists and scholars, as well as world-renowned media.

While the first open letter was posted, few people realized that science and technology could exterminate human beings. After more than ten years, science and technology have made great progress, especially artificial intelligence. Its rapid development in recent years has made more scientists realize that if no action is taken, human beings will fall into the abyss of extinction.

Hu Jiaqi, as a member of mankind, was so worried about it. When Saving Humanity (English version) was published in North America, he wrote to human leaders once again, calling on all mankind to be vigilant and united as soon as possible.

In his letter, Hu Jiaqi outlined some conclusions drawn from the study of human problems over the past 40 years. First, science and technology have the ability to exterminate human beings in the foreseeable future. Second, human beings cannot judge the safety of science and technology comprehensively and accurately. Third, human beings cannot make good use of scientific and technological achievements universally and rationally. Hu Jiaqi appealed to take united actions to strictly restrict the development of science and technology so as to avoid human extinction.

Hu Jiaqi has received a lot of responses and recognition by his fourth open letter. In addition to the embassy of Guyana in China, he also received calls and replies from figures in all walks of life, including embassy of Sri Lanka to China, embassy of the Republic of Rwanda to China, embassy of Mexico to China, embassy of the Slovak Republic to China, the President of City University of Hong Kong Professor Way Kuo, the President of University of Manchester Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, the Master of Trinity College, Cambridge and Nobel Prize winner Sir Gregory P. Winter and so many others.

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