How New World will Transform the Travel Industry

Blockchain projects are all about decentralization. Any industry with a third party participation is what a blockchain entrepreneur wants to change. Tourism as the world largest commercial service industry, can also be improved by blockchain technology.

When it comes to travel industry, stability and security are two main concern. Decentralization is the top feature of blockchian technology which helps to cover our information. Blockchain can also make accessing and storing information more reliable because of its tamper-resistant feature. All the information and payment can be traced on the chain.

New World wants to build a virtual world, but this is a huge project involving data acquisition, data processing, model building, application development, etc.

New World can be divided into three layer. Layer1 is the base layer, which is mainly to rebuild the landscape and natural environment of earth in the virtual world. This is also the basis of the virtual world construction, and it will be done by the New World Foundation Technology and R&D Committee. Layer2 can be called as the Real Asset layer, is mainly to scan the real estate of the physical world and reconstruct it in the virtual world. For the specialized holographic mining machine iMiner developed by the New World Foundation’s joint mining machine manufacturer, miners can use iMiner to scan real-world items and rebuild them in the virtual world. In the process, miners can not only get NWT as rewards while the ownership of real estate in the virtual world is also owned by the miners. Through such an incentive mechanism, layer2 build process can be decentralized and accelerated.

Layer 3, we call it the application layer. Layer1 and layer2 is a virtual world, but it is still in a rather deserted stage. To build a colorful virtual world, we need more than landscape and real asset. More applications and individuals are required to perfect this system. In the basic framework of New World, we will provide a development language named Dlang, developers can build a variety of applications in the virtual world based on Dlang, such as virtual shopping malls, virtual online travel, virtual online social networking, etc.

Aside from VR traveling world, New World will build database for the real travel industry. New World is preparing a luggage tracking service. Especially for some valuable things concerning international travel. A decentralized database can be built for New world users. Customers just need to enter their information once and it will be more convenient and safe for their personal information.

In truth, blockchain technology can change the traveling industry and New World will be its way!

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