How to ensure the security of digital currency and impact the freedom of wealth

Bitcash Exchange Research Institute voiced: When the global stock market suffered from the Sino-US trade war has not yet returned, the currency circle has shown a full of vitality, is the “spring” of the currency circle started again?

Among them, the security of digital currency is the most crucial. If the trading platform of the currency circle has not undergone revolutionary and structural changes, it will not be possible to avoid the leeks being harvested, and not to make the currency circle reappear.

In recent years, the exchanges have been stolen, hackers and other events, can not help but let the amaranth people look at the fortune of the currency circle, today’s currency circle, is a chicken feather. After experiencing the depression of the bear market, today’s currency circle, after the baptism of blood and tears, can it be reborn and phoenix nirvana?

The BITC haching team has been operating in the currency circle for many years and has been favored by many domestic and foreign capitals. This year is the year before the BTC cuts production. In July, it was 300 days before the production cut. From the historical law of BTC, 300 days before the production cut will be It is the key time node for bears and cattle. In 2018, after a year of cold winter, and a series of stolen money incidents, BITC insiders said that their expectation is to bring a safe, stable and new digital asset custody and trading platform to the industry. In the words of BITC insiders: “Not BIC chose this era, but this era chose BITC.

How to be safe and reliable?

The insiders of BITC describe the digital asset trading platform as follows: “The first is safe and reliable. This is the cornerstone of the trading platform. In the early days, the circle of friends passed the 7,000 BTCs of the money hot wallet, I believe it will be heard tomorrow. Other similar security incidents. In the field of digital asset trading, security is the top priority. Through years of technical accumulation, the BITC team has made top security protection on the security technology of the trading platform, and is in front of the same industry.

How to achieve legal compliance?

The compliance of digital asset exchanges is the general trend. The MSB is a regulatory license issued by the FinCEN organization under the US Treasury. It holds an MSB license to conduct currency transactions in the United States. It is understood that there are only a few exchanges such as Firecoin, Coin Security and OKcoin that have obtained MSB licenses. The BITC exchange has also won the MSB license and obtained the approval of the US Treasury for its digital asset trading, providing equal access channels. Exchange compliance is becoming more and more important, and it is one of the important reference factors for measuring the strength of an exchange. BITC was able to win the MSB license, indicating that the strength of the exchange is still quite good.

If you increase user value?

From a user perspective, while a good digital asset exchange has regular conditions, it is a key element to make a user experience, support a wide variety of financial derivatives, and enhance the value of users. BITC will open up barriers to information islands of global exchanges, realize interconnection and global integration; connect virtual financial assets with traditional material worlds on the exchange of exchange-traded financial derivatives with traditional data, and further promote digital asset trading. Industry development, the future value of its BITC currency is even more immeasurable, among which AI artificial intelligence, cross-border payment and application scenarios are all future development trends. Therefore, all consortiums are interested in BITC, and they are buying BITC.

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