Essential Integrative Medicine in Tampa and Brandon Open New Division Called Essential Stem Cell

Essential Integrative Medicine in Tampa and Brandon Open New Division Called Essential Stem Cell
Essential Stem Cell is a new division of Essential Integrative Medicine located in Tampa and Brandon, Florida. Essential Stem Cell offers an alternative to conventional medical care with stem cell therapy. By using the best possible stem cell therapy practices, Essential Stem Cell is working to get patients back to a pain free lifestyle.

Tampa, FL – In order to combat bodily pain that individuals face on a regular basis, Dr. Tan Tran and Dr. Thang Tran decided that they wanted to create a healthcare facility that empowered patients to not only be free of pain, but to take control of the lifestyle choices that were leading them to the pain. In 2012, the two doctors launched Essential Integrative Medicine in order to create their vision of a synergistic, holistic, and integrative health care system. At Essential Integrative Medicine, patients have access to multiple treatment options to combat what pains them. Patients have the choice to receive conventional medical care or alternative methods such as chiropractic, physical therapy, or nutritional counseling. Now, Essential Integrative Medicine is opening a new division to their practice, Essential Stem Cell, in which patients can receive stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy uses stem cells, which are blank cells that have the potential to develop into almost any other type of cell in one’s body. These stem cells act as a natural repair system with the ability to divide and replenish damaged cells at a regular rate. The potential that stem cells possess repair and replenish damaged cells within the body are the leading factor in what makes stem cell therapy such an exciting field. The mesenchymal stem cells are multipotent stromal cells that have the job of growing tissue and containing growth factors that work together to reduce inflammation and to regrow damaged tissue. Stem cell therapy takes these cells and injects them into the damaged area of one’s body which provides a healing environment that reduces inflammation and floods the injured area with stem cells to begin regeneration.

At Essential Stem Cell, the staffs’ passion is to help patients get back to living a life without regular pain and to avoid lengthy medical procedures. Essential Stem Cell uses top of the line stem cell treatments to relieve pain quickly and to guide individuals back to not facing pain on an everyday basis. The medical staff at Essential Stem Cell has a lengthy history of successfully treating individuals with pain and are excited to offer patients the extremely safe therapy option of stem cell treatment.

Essential Stem Cell uses the same stem cells that are used by some of the top hospitals in the Tampa area as well as stem cells that are obtained from cryogenically frozen umbilical cord blood (UCB). The UCB stem cells are donated from full term elective C-sections and are one of the richest sources of mesenchymal stem cells. With Essential Stem Cell, patients will receive stem cells that have zero harmful preservatives, have been removed of any debris, and are kept frozen for only minutes before the injection. Essential Stem Cell offers patients the best possible stem cell therapy in Tampa in order to help them get back to a pain free life.

Essential Stem Cell is located in Tampa, FL at 3715 West Azeele Street and in Brandon at 1111 Oakfield Drive, Suite 101, both of which are in the same office as Essential Integrative Medicine.

In order to find out more information, call Essential Stem Cell at 813-253-0711, email them at, or visit their website at

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