Gold Mozae – DJ and Producer Gives An Interview About His New Music

The interview is free to re-publish. This interview was given by Gold Mozae who has been described as one of the most exciting musical talents of 2019.

Gold Mozae is set to drop his new EP at the end of the summer. The artist who has gained fans from all over the world has already released three new singles and one remix to the applause of his fans.

His three new singles include All My Life which has a catchy melody and is being played all over the world in clubs. The other single is Comin Back which features Vince Lundgren and the single that has grabbed everyone’s attention is All I Need.

We decided to sit down with Gold Mozae and find out more about the man who is taking the world by storm.

1. Gold Mozae, you have become one of the most exciting DJ and Producers of 2019, why do you feel people have become so excited about your music and energy?

In 2019 I really started to double down on the production side of things. I wanted to start putting out more original music and remixes and I couldn’t be happier with the result thus far.

2. You are an ex-basketball player born in Vilnius, Lithuania, why did you decide to turn to music?

I’m actually an ex-collegiate Track & Field athlete but have been playing musical instruments since I was 10 years old.

3. You have just released some new music can you tell me more about those tunes?

I have released 3 singles and 1 remix this year that have been received better than I could have ever hoped by the Dance Music Community.

4. DallasK – All My Life is being played a lot in clubs around the world, what is it about that tune that has grabbed people’s attention?

That song is has such a catchy melody that it kind of sticks in your head whether you want it to or not hahaha.

5. One of my favourite tunes is Comin Back, can you tell me what the tune is about?

The meaning behind that title is pretty significant for me personally. I have been DJing now for 10 years, but I took the last 2 years off to work on production. The idea behind the title was to let my fans know that I’m coming back to music with more passion than ever.

6. Comin Back has gained a lot of exposure since its release, but who is the singer on the track?

The singer on that particular track is actually a friend of mine from college named Vince Lundgren. We have worked together previously and thought his voice was a perfect fit.

7. You have gained a huge following around the world, are there any plans for you to start touring?

My first EP is set to drop towards the end of this summer and after that I’m planning on a North American tour, so stay tuned!

8. When you were starting out producing music, which music producer and artist did you look up to for inspiration?

The first producers I gained incredible inspiration from were Joe Maz and Kapslap. I fell in love with their remixes and then watched them progress into putting out amazing original tracks.

9. If people want to come and hear you play, where can they see you perform?

I always love meeting fans so I would love to see everyone in Hawaii on July 3rd for my next show at Addiction Nightclub.

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Gold Mozae is one of the most talked about DJ and producers of 2019. His music is being played in clubs all over the world. The artist has announced he is set to tour this year and will also be bringing out a new EP.

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