HQC Aluminum Case Releases Its Classic Games Collection Aluminum Mahjong Case & Box

HQC Aluminum Case Releases its newest model of Classic Games Collection Aluminum Mahjong Case & Box. As a game, Mahjong is good way to let family and friends to get happy game. So, there are too many people want to play Mahjong when they are free. But, how to carry them is a question. For soft bag, it could not protect inner Mahjong set well, and it will bring too much noise too. For paper box, it is not strong enough. For wooden case, it is not easy to buy small quantity. HQC recommends aluminum Mahjong case & box to clients; it could solve all these questions. Aluminum Mahjong Case & Box could change outside color, shape and materials easily. For inner parts, could do different designers too.

For inner part of Aluminum Mahjong box, there are mainly two styles: one is similar to picture above. It has trays in the aluminum case. One or two trays to hold Mahjong tile, it depend on how to put them. Other tray could put racks and pushers. All the dimension of trays could design to meet tile, racks and pushers’ need.

Another style Aluminum Mahjong case (just see inner part) is like the following:

For this style aluminum case, it is just glue Nylon or velvet as inner lining. Do not put any trays into case. For outside Aluminum Mahjong Case & Box, it could change as other usual aluminum cases. Color could do as clients need, profile could change to meet different heavy of Mahjong set. Panel could print logo if clients need.

HQC Aluminum Case Co., Ltd is a factory and export company. HQC mainly does different customized cases. The features are as following:

1. HQC has too many different style cases, Aluminum frame case, Hard plastic case, EVA case, Pure aluminum case and too many partners which could us better support.
2. For the quality case, HQC confirms confirm every case will have very good quality, HQC checks every case two times at least. HQC does all the cases all by hands, do not do in production line. It could promise that all the parts of case could fit very well too.
3. MOQ is good too.
4. For usual aluminum frame case, 50 case is ok for us.
5. Order more cases, the price will be better.
6. Many styles of inner lining, different logo style and too many different materials are for clients choose.
7. If clients need cases, HQC Aluminum Case is good choice, HQC has many experienced designers and workers to do every parts for clients.

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