SkillStrings.Com Addresses the ‘Where I Can Find a Job’ Dilemma of Candidates

‘Where I can find a job’ is a concern for most jobseekers; thankfully, it can now be addressed effectively by using the advanced career search tool available on SkillStrings.Com.

03 Feb 2013, New Jersey. Candidates and recruiters are delighted that they can access a bunch of highly effective and user-friendly resources and tools to make the hiring process more efficient, smoother and faster. SkillStrings.Com is a complete career platform which can be used for networking and job related interaction by both hiring consultants and job seekers. The portal offers recruiters and candidates advanced features and tools that helps address several unmet needs in the job market.

‘Where I can find a job?’ – this is the concern of most first time jobseekers today because of the uncertain economic environment and the shaky position of several top firms in the US and across the globe. SkillStrings hopes to address this problem by helping candidates manage their job related interactions better through what is described by the company as a ‘virtual strings concept’. It is a fine mix of the new age social media interactivity and the traditional job boards. 

SkillStrings has some great features such as interview room, video profile and other advanced recruitment tools that make the job hunting process easier for candidates and the hiring process quicker and more efficient for the recruiters. Candidates can use the SkillStrings platform to connect with recruiters and employers seeking their type of skills. This helps them in keeping their job search focused on listings that match their profile. 

Candidates can make an impact on recruiters by using the video profiling feature which helps them present their credentials to recruiters in a 90 second video. Importantly, they get an actual reply and not an automated response for every job they apply for. It completely eliminates the uncertainty and the long wait they have to ensure after making a job application. Other advantages include the ability to inform recruiters about any change in their profile or status and interacting with them through email, online chat and video interviews.

According to a company representative, SkillStrings is designed to address many of the issues in job and talent search. “We have set up various features to make interaction easier between candidates and recruiters. They can connect and become a part of each other’s networks through the use of `strings’ feature. We are sure that features such as interview room will help recruiters in scheduling interviews for screening candidates quickly and efficiently”.

Recruiters using the SkillStrings platform can benefit in many ways. They can connect with a targeted group of skilled candidates with job profiles they are looking for. They can easily schedule interactions for screening of such candidates and quickly move them through the qualification process by using the interactive video facility. The site’s tools such as the calendar and the interview scheduler can be used to boost productivity and efficiency of the hiring process.

Many employers are turning to SkillStrings.Com for their recruiting needs as the portal acts as a one-stop platform for managing their hiring activities more efficiently than before. The portal is being used by various companies, recruiting agencies and hiring managers to eliminate redundancy and inefficiencies associated with the conventional hiring process. They can add locations to their profile for better control and management of their account. 

Candidates who have been using the SkillStrings.Com job portal don’t ask, ‘where I can find a job?’ anymore. Their anxiety has now made way to a more confident job search approach. Setting up a SkillStrings profile is easy and can be completed within minutes. Users have been exporting data from SkillStrings into other applications. The details can be viewed in MS Excel spreadsheet format.

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