Kickstarter Campaign tripled campaign goal with over $16,000 raised in under 2 days

Cool Fat Burner Kickstarter Campaign Receives Overwhelming Support By Backers

McConnellsburg, PA – Feb 26, 2015 – The world’s first and only proven calorie burning weight loss vest, the Cool Fat Burner, recently launched a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign to fund two unprecedented scientific experiments. The overwhelming response and support helped them reach their goal in just one day and have almost tripled their campaign goal with over $16,000 raised. The Kickstarter is to conduct a “Consumer Protection experiment” by an independent 3rd party to test the Cool Fat Burner and other cooling vests in the market to see which ones actually burn hundreds of calories an hour. The stretch goal will fund a university group experiment on the Cool Fat Burner’s effects on fat-burning hormones.  The campaign is set to end on March 26th, 2015.

The Cool Fat Burner and Cool Gut Buster are specialized cooling vests that cover “brown fat” zones on the body. By cooling these areas, one can radically increase calorie burning, induce positive hormonal changes, help build muscle tissue, improve recovery from workouts, and enhance sleep.  It is the first lab-proven vest on the market that has been shown to burn 500 calories in just a few hours, just by wearing it! That means folks who do not have the time to work out can wear the vest while they are doing their day–to-day activities and still burn as many calories as if they were exercising. 

Individual’s can also use the vest for spot reduction on stubborn areas like love handles and belly fat. The vest uses the “cold thermogenesis” method, which cools the body in certain areas. Then, the body burns calories and fats to stay warm. The Cool Fat Burner is the only vest that hits all three levels and intensities of cold thermogenesis to give individuals more options and control over their sessions.

Eric Grove, creator of both the Cool Fat Burner and Cool Gut Buster, has been experimenting with controlled cold exposure for over twenty years. It was not until 2010 that he realized he needed to get serious about adopting a healthier lifestyle after gaining weight and knowing his family has a higher risk for heart disease. His passion for health and fitness prompted him to develop the first and only proven weight loss cooling vest.  Now they are the leading cooling vest weight loss device, backed up with scientific experiments and real-user testimonials on their website.

There are many cooling vests in the market, but their claims have never been tested.  Customers deserve to know the truth.  This campaign will find out if these other cooling vests can do what only  the Cool Fat Burner has already been proven to do –burn hundreds of calories an hour. If the campaign surpasses $18,000, they will also conduct the first ever university group study on the Cool Fat Burner and its effects on the hormones “adiponectin” and “irisin,” which are currently being studied for their roles in everything from burning fat and building muscle, to treating cardiovascular disease, and even fighting certain types of cancer.

Backers of the campaign can choose from a variety of attractive rewards on the campaign page as a thank you for the support. People can make a contribution by clicking here.  

Please share this campaign on Facebook and Twitter with friends and family! Studies like this have never been done before. It is about time consumers know the truth and find out which products actually work!

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