Affordable digital annual reporting for non-profit organizations, foundations, and Bcorps.

New digital-driven annual reporting provider, Interaqtive, announces its official launch and modern annual reporting service to help non-profits, foundations, and Bcorps.

Interaqtive aims to help non-profits, foundations, and Bcorps further their missions by saving them time and money with the launch of its innovative digital annual reporting service. Interaqtive is designed to help users tell their story through a beautiful interactive digital annual reporting experience on dedicated websites rather than wasteful printed reports or clunky PDF’s.

An annual report is an important piece of communication content for all organizations and can be used for highlighting the mission and impact of the organizations. Tom Ahern, New York Time’s bestselling Author and award-winning leading authority on donor communications, says about annual reports: “Think of your annual report as a once-a-year golden opportunity to deeply connect with your customers’ (i.e., donors’) feelings, dreams, aspirations, hidden and sometimes even embarrassing needs — like the need to be liked; or the need to do something good in the world, a need as common as the air in our lungs.”

Non-profits, foundations, and Bcorps also use it to thank volunteers and supporters and make a case for donating to the organization, presenting past, present and hints of the future in a concise way. Unfortunately, many organizations find it difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to properly prepare and present their annual reports. Interaqtive is, however, offering a comprehensive way of overcoming such challenges with its multi-faceted solution.

One unique aspect of the solution offered by Interaqtive is the inclusiveness that comes from seamlessly engaging as a member of the organization, consequently saving clients their precious time and money by taking their annual report design/development off their hands. This allows nonprofits to focus on more important activities and the achievement of their mission.

Another feature of Interaqtive is the modernization of the annual reporting experience using an online digital platform. This makes it easy for organizations to reach donors, the community and other such stakeholders where they are now and will be going into the future – the internet. Lastly, analytics and donation functionality can be easily integrated into every Interaqtive report to allow for effective tracking.

More information about Interaqtive and its digital annual reporting can be found on their website.

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