Dancing Barefoot in the Rain – How to Fully Embrace Life by E. Stjerne, a Novel on Gaining New Experiences and Live Life to the Fullest

Dancing Barefoot in the Rain - How to Fully Embrace Life by E. Stjerne, a Novel on Gaining New Experiences and Live Life to the Fullest

Stockholm, Sweden – June 4, 2019 – “Dancing Barefoot in the Rain – How to Fully Embrace Your Life” is a novel by E. Stjerne that combines the desire to discover the world and to escape the world-weariness of ordinary life. E. Stjerne narrates the story of Hope, a girl disenchanted with her mundane and monotonous life. She gathered gumption and pursued her childhood dreams of seeing the world. Defying family and friends’ discouragement, Hope sets out to see the world. This takes her on a journey of a lifetime spanning two years to exciting places around the globe. However, Hope’s luck turns for worse in South America where her life is put in danger. The conclusion then describes how she overcomes the tribulations on her adventure and learns the meaning of living life to the fullest.

“Dancing Barefoot in the Rain – How to Fully Embrace Your Life” is also available in a Swedish version, “Dansa barfota i duggregnet – Att leva livet fullt ut”. This novel, with a travel twist to it, will appeal to everyone with an eye for inspirational wanderlust. E. Stjerne envisaged this book long before any of the events happened. She felt that she had a message that she wanted to declare to the world, and after 46 years, that aspiration finally materialized. E. Stjerne says, “I understood that I would write a book during my lifetime and knew the title of the book in the 1970s. Although I had no idea about the content of my journey, I knew I would write about my own life and that my calling was to inspire people to follow me and live their lives to their fullest.”

E. Stjerne wrote this book as a testimony, a petition and an encouragement for all those out there who feel like they’ve taken a wrong turn in life. Scores of people despair because they don’t know how to get the most out of life – many don’t even think they can. E. Stjerne was one of them. But, she learned how to transform a lack-luster existence into a fulfilling life – one only needs to want the turnaround badly enough.

In her writing of “Dancing Barefoot in the Rain – How to Fully Embrace Your Life,” she quotes JK Rowling who expresses a similar sentiment towards life, “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case, you have failed by default.”

About the author

E. Stjerne was born in the land of the Aurora Borealis and the midnight sun, Sweden. The energy of nature has formed her as a person and given her an understanding of how personal energy affects humans in the best of ways. Traveling around the world and following her true spirit made her appreciate people from all different cultures. These two facts have influenced her and made her into the personal energy coach that she is today. Currently, Elisabeth works as an online coach from her home in Stockholm, Sweden.

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