A Long Journey Home by Julieann Chenevert – A Tale of how Love makes everything possible

A Long Journey Home by Julieann Chenevert - A Tale of how Love makes everything possible

Mandeville, Louisiana – June 4, 2019 – Some stories are destined to be told – A Long Journey Home is one such story. Written by Julieann Chenevert, the novel almost didn’t see the light of publishing. But, at her daughter’s challenge, Julieann published the book which she wrote two decades ago for the fun of it, over a year ago. It was just a start – she went from being faithless about a publisher to accept publishing two more books. A Long Journey Home is about an enduring story of love and not letting the loved one deserves to go.

A Long Journey Home tells the story of newly divorced single mom finding love again in an old flame. The book has many cliffhangers – they are a part love triangle, part misunderstanding, part confusion, and encapsulates the complexity of human emotions and feelings in the characterization of Allison, Tristan, and Luke. Julieann writes on how the love and support of family and friends can help one face any problems that may come and the freedom giving the power of forgiveness and acceptance of self-guilt.

Speaking about how the inspiration to write A Long Journey Home came to her and her writing style, she says, “Believe it or not “A Long Journey Home” was influenced by a dream I had one night. It was a dream that stayed with me for days. I couldn’t seem to get the dream out of my mind. I still today remembers that dream like it was yesterday when I dreamt it. I want to write a book that shows the flaws of the characters in the book as well as their strengths and that being honest with yourself and others is always the best policy.”

A Long Journey Home is riveting without erotic passages. Holding readers captive without sex is a challenge the author took on, and she owned it – she believes that graphic sex isn’t necessary to retain the interest of readers. Tastefully intimacy and the feeling and emotions that the characters show are so much more important for Julieann.

Julieann Chenevert has written two other books since and two more are in the pipelines. She loves writing and developing her stories and the different character in her books. She’s greatly influenced by authors Jane Austen, Nicholas Sparks, and Diana Gabaldon. She’d love to hear about what readers think about A Long Journey Home.

About the author

Julieann Chenevert grew up in the small village of Morganza, Louisiana. She is the second to youngest of 14 children.  She left home after high school and moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, where she attended college for Respiratory Therapy. She has worked for the past 35 years as a Respiratory Therapist and is now the Lead Therapist in the sleep center of a local hospital. She has two children, a daughter, and a son.

Julieann Chenevert’s favorite quote is, “Believe in yourself because if you don’t no one else will.”

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