SALES CALLS ON FIRE 1.0 for iPhone: Discover The World’s Easiest Way To Track Your Sales Activity & Goals That All The Sales Pros Are Talking About

CallsOnFire was created because I personally wanted to have some way to track my sales activity that is really easy to use\” said Sandy Barris, founder and CEO of CallsOnFire.

\”Before I used to track my sales activity on pieces of paper which I later misplaced or lost. Or I got so busy with prospecting that I’d forgot to track any sales behavior entirely.

Created By Real Sales People For Real Sale People Who Feel A Little \’Beat Up\’ From Time To Time.We Want To Help You Put An End To Call Reluctance, Eliminate Prospecting Procrastination And Stop Serious Sales Slumps.

And it’s so simple and easy… many average sales people, INCLUDING YOU, could also reach their sales goals with this unique one-of-a-kind motivational sales app.

Because What Gets Measured Gets Done!

Detroit, MI February 05, 2013 –  Calls On Fire, LLC will be releasing its new iPhone mobile app, Sales Calls On Fire, in a few weeks, helping to close the gap between complicated and frustrating CRM tool and easy to use mobile apps.

This new application will help users set and track annual sales goals, set and track personalize sales activity, and record and track sales while motivating to reach desired sales goals. The app provides sales activity tracking, goal tracking and feedback in real time, allowing sales pros to become more successful.

The release of this easy-to-use mobile application further solidifies Calls On Fire LLC’s place as the new industry leader in non CRM personal sales activity tracking.

Fully customizable, this paradigm shift from a bulky CRM tool to an approach to a easier and faster sales activity tracking adds enhanced motivation and focus for almost any sales professional.

“We are committed to helping sale pros reach their sale goals and their ever-evolving sales activity tracking needs,” said Sandy Barris, President and Chief Accelerator of Calls On Fire.  “The launch of Sales Calls On Fire for iPhone® and iPad® not only illustrates our ingenuity, but shows our dedication to growth and evolution to help sales professionals everywhere success. Soon, every sales professional around the world will have faster access to their ongoing sales activities from anywhere, right on their iphones.”

What makes Sales Calls On Fire different from anything else on the market or available that tracks sales behavior/activity?

☛ Tap To Add Sales Activities
☛ Tap To Add Sales Amount
☛ Completely Customizable
☛ Displays Actual Vs. Goal For All Sales Activities
☛ ☛ Calculates And Displays What You Earn For Each Sales Activity. EXAMPLE: You earn $1,397 for each sales meeting you go on, whether you closed a sale or not.
☛ Ability To Set A Default Currency For The Application
☛ Edit Current And Previous Sales Activities

In fact, THE WORLD’S EASIEST SALES TRACKER makes your hard-to-use, frustrating and confusing CRM tools & systems almost obsole

✔✔ Anywhere, anytime, real-time sales activity tracking
✔ Helps you end sale call reluctance, prospecting procrastination and sales slumps
✔ All sales activities and goals are fully customizable
✔ You’ll know what needs to be done to get more business
✔ Set and track individual goals for each independent sales activity
✔ Your pipeline will be filled with many more qualified prospects
✔ Displays yearly sales goal progress
✔✔ You’ll feel great about selling again
✔ Intuitive controls for quick set-up
✔ Extremely easy to use interface for fast and easy sale activity input
✔ Instant goal achievement recognition
✔✔ It is highly unique
✔ Supercharged motivational tips, quotes and ideas
✔ Fills the gap of hard-to-use CRM tools by delivering instant real-time sales activity feedback.
✔ Install, use, see impact on your sales success
✔✔ This app’s ROI will be fast, profitable and huge.
✔ And much much more…

Sales Calls On Fire will help you Sell More!—100% Guaranteed

That’s it. Easy as pie. A Whole New Way To Track Your Sales

Because This 70% OFF INTRO PRICING could end at any time.

The Sales Calls On Fire app will be available after February 15th in the App Store℠


Sandy Barris
President/CEO/Chief Accelerant

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