Enter the development history of Seytti sweeping around Europe

Recently, an enterprise in Europe has been rapidly focused by people and it will recruit members around the world. How about the history of this fast-rising and rapidly expanding enterprise? Today, let’s make in-depth exploration of Seytti and uncover its mysterious veil together!

Seytti is formerly known as Carlyle Community being established in 2015 by Terry Sorrell, a senior executive of Carlyle, which aims to discuss future trend with a group of fans of sports betting and blockchain technology. Afterwards, the community spontaneously establishes Carlyle online sports for gaming fans and provides fund supply for community through digital currency arbitrage. Meanwhile, all community members become members, who can provide investment and get return. The community also distributes all earnings to members as far as possible.

In the beginning of establishment, Carlyle only had 1,100 members. By sharing investment opportunities and treasure, the influence of Carlyle continuously expands in Europe.

Through development for two years, its mechanism becomes more perfect and influence also expands continuously. In 2019, Carlyle is formally renamed as Seytti Group. Besides, Seytti Sports Co., Ltd is established to take charge of gaming module and Seytti Digital Assets Management Co., Ltd is founded to specialize in blockchain and digital assets.

In 2019, Seytti proposes the slogan “future is overwhelming” to launch global market. Under complex business competition environment, where is the road for Seytti in future? Let’s witness together!

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