Perfect Release – Innovative Solution to Achieve the Perfect Golf Swing

Unique Golf Glove that Incorporates Science to Train More Effectively

Tulsa, OK – Feb 27, 2015Shawn Pope has teamed with Dr. Jim Suttie, one of the top ten golf instructors in the world, to create the Perfect Release. This is a training golf glove that has technical applications and audio indicators to help people perfect their swing. The prototype still needs further testing before it can be marketable. Creators have turned to a Kickstarter to raise seed-money to fund research and development so Perfect Release can be available on the market. The goal is to raise $30,000 by March 26th, 2015.

Dr. Jim Suttie understands the mechanics of a golf swing. He knows what works and what does not. He also has a doctorate in biomechanics. His passion for golf, along with his understanding of how the human body moves, has helped him to develop a glove that the will improve a persons swing. The most common problem among new and seasoned golfers is they have release issues, which can affect up to 80% of their accuracy and distance. The Perfect Release is the solution to teach golfers to know when to release to achieve that perfect swing.

This training glove will have a two handed calibration with the body position to transmit audible sounds based on the form. The audible noise will create muscle memory and help individuals develop a better stance. It will improve the users accuracy and distance as they train their brain with this new technology. Golfers around the world would benefit from such an innovative tool. It is a unique solution that applies science in professional sports training in a way that hasn’t been done before. This technology can be used to train for other sports to teach proper movement to get the best results.

Now they need funding to move the project forward into the final development stage. Funds raised from the campaign will go to FocusPDM, a research facility in Silicon Valley is waiting to begin researching and designing the glove so it can be marketable. It will also assist the project in design and marketing development. 

Also fund design and marketing development.

Make a contribution today by visiting the Kickstarter campaign or clicking here. Those who give can choose from a variety of exclusive Kickstarter rewards.

Those who are unable to give can also help by sharing this on Facebook and Twitter. The more awareness to the campaign the better! If they do not receive enough funding by the end date, it can be years before this incredible solution can be made available. So hurry and show support today!

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