Homeless Hearts – Compelling Documentary of a Rescue Dogs Untold Stories

Creator Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Funding to Complete Project

Minneapolis, MN – Feb 27, 2015 – Stephane Tjosvold embarks on a journey to document helpless dogs as they are transported from kill shelters to foster homes. The adorable dogs are able to get help from compassionate volunteers around the nation to take them safely from shelters in southern states to foster homes in the northern part of the nation. This is an incredible documentary showing a different side of unconditional love and care from volunteers. Creator, Tjosvold, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding to complete filming this heartfelt documentary. The goal is to raise $20,000 by April 22, 2015.

The daunting travels of a rescue dog is something many are unfamiliar with. It takes more than 50 volunteers to transport the canines to a safe place to live. The dogs travel from one foster home to another until finally they reach their forever home where they find love and companionship. Volunteers from all over the country work together to get these dogs a happy home. The people who help do not know each other, but are connected by their good hearts and desire to be part of a good cause.

The documentary, “Homeless Hearts – The Journey of Rescue Dogs”, will record a different side of the animal rescue world. Tjosvold aims to show to the world the amazing journey these dogs take to survive, along with introducing people to the selfless volunteers that work tirelessly to give man’s best friend a second chance to live.

She also has many resources within the community to give her full access to the process. However, filming something this in-depth requires funding. Those who love dogs and are passionate about animal rescues can be part of this movement. They can make a contribution to make this documentary a reality. Please click here to find details of the campaign and make a donation.

All backers will get a chance to pick from a variety of exclusive Kickstarter rewards as a thank you for the support. For those who cannot give but still wants to be part of this, please share this on Facebook and Twitter. The campaign is an “all-or-nothing” deal. If they do not receive enough support then this project cannot move forward. Help bring more exposure to “Homeless Hearts – The Journey of Rescue Dogs” so the project can reach its funding goal! 

Media Contact
Company Name: Homeless Hearts
Contact Person: Stephane Tjosvold
Email: homelesshearts1@gmail.com
Phone: 763-218-1117
Country: United States
Website: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1571636674/homeless-hearts-the-journey-of-rescue-dogs