New Orleans Plastic Surgeon Restores Youth With Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Pippin emphasizes the importance of the initial consultation, which helps him determine whether the patient is a suitable candidate.

As the U.S. population ages, numerous men and women, both young and old, face an important decision; whether or not to undergo cosmetic enhancement procedures. Dr. Gregory Pippin, a leading provider of cosmetic surgery New Orleans, says that he understands the importance of the decision and offers a range of customized solutions to meet patients’ needs. Every patient who elects to undergo a cosmetic procedure, whether it’s cosmetic enhancement, facial rejuvenation, balloon sinuplasty, or breast augmentation, has a unique need, which is why the clinic undergoes intense consultation before making a recommendation.

“It’s not surprising that the elderly citizens are prime candidates for cosmetic surgery. The skin covering the face and neck loses elasticity as one ages. The muscles underlying these areas lose their tone, leading to the appearance of wrinkles. Weight loss, sun exposure, gravity and chronic stress only exacerbate the problem and adds decades to patients’ age. But while older patients benefit greatly from plastic surgery New Orleans, there’s an increasing demand for procedures among the younger population to maintain their youthful appearance,” says Dr. Pippin. “When a young, beautiful woman walks into my clinic, I ask a lot of questions and make alternative recommendations to extensive surgery. Technology has done a lot to reduce the complications of cosmetic procedures, but I always explain the risks to ensure patients make informed decisions.”

With the increasing demands for cosmetic surgical procedures, in spite of a shaky economy, The American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, continues to do a lot to ensure patient safety. One of their key recommendations is the use of board certified plastic surgeons. Dr. Pippin is board certified and has numerous testimonials from satisfied clients.

Lori, from Metairie, Louisiana, says she needed more than credentials on paper to make a decision, “I was so nervous about my decision to do surgery. I went back and forth for months before I decided to go ahead. From my very first consultation, Dr. Pippin put me at ease. He listened to my concerns and offered solutions, so I felt in complete control. I’m overly-satisfied with the results. Now, I’m confident and ready to take on the world.”

Breast augmentation surgery New Orleans remains one of the most popular plastic surgical procedures in the state and worldwide. Dr. Pippin emphasizes the importance of the initial consultation, which helps him determine whether the patient is a suitable candidate.

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