The Ultimate hair catcher and drain strainer debuts at Kickstarter – compatible with all pop-up stoppers

Dixie Bend has designed a breakthrough patent-pending hair catcher and drain strainer that can catch even the thinnest hair and allow water and scum to pass smoothly into the drain.

No more messy hair-clogged baths and shower. An LA-based innovative company, Dixie Bend,  has recently brought its next-gen and ultimate drain protector on Kickstarter that promises to keep the clogged woes at bay. Titled “TubRing,” this next-gen product is the FIRST & ONLY hair catcher and drain strainer which is compatible with all bathtub pop-up drain stoppers. 

The campaign is geared to raise around US$ 12,000 by July 23, 2019.

Drain strainers are nothing new in the market, but the existing ones cannot offer a fool-proof solution. Dome-shaped strainers suffer from the loose grip. As a result, when there is a flux of water, it invariably loses its grip. As a result, hair slips through its filtering holes and also from underneath which leaves you with clogged drains in no time. On the other hand, it’s a huge hassle to clean up plug-type strainers. Besides, these tend to slow down drainage with caught hair and in a short while your tub is all filled with dirty water. Also, plug-type strainers tend to accumulate mold within a few days of installation.

“Made from premium quality silicone, TubRing is here to solve what other strainers don’t and assures you a stress-free clean bath and shower,” stated Hyunjoo Helton, the man behind Dixie Bend. 

“The existing strainers today carry little holes which can stop the hair yet can’t allow water to pass through smoothly into the drain. As a result, you soon find yourself standing in a watery mess with hair clusters stuck in your drain. Also, these strainers are not compatible with all pop-up stoppers. This is where TubRing comes to your rescue. What separates it from the regular counterparts is its unique slot-based design which is strategically patterned to catch even the thinnest hair (both human and pet) and let the water pass smoothly into the drain. It’s a patent-pending product and the ‘ultimate’ strainer that you have been looking for to protect your drain from clogging.”

Dixie Bend has also come up with SinkRing which works in the same principle of TubRing and is meant for bathroom sinks. SinkRing prevents small valuable items (such as a wedding ring) from slipping into the drain. 

 It’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3 to use TubRing or SinkRing. One will have to place it around drain stopper and continue with his job, say shower or washing. All loose hairs or tiny loose objects that slip out from hands will accumulate around the TubRing or SinkRing. After that, a user would need to take out the Ring and remove all loose hairs with a tissue paper.

Features of TubRing & SinkRing –

  • Innovative Ring structure to fit all pop-up drain stoppers snugly
  • Made from premium quality and highly durable silicone material that assures easy fitment and convenient removal
  • Unique slot-based filter holes allow optimum water drainage while neatly catching all loose hairs. It also allows easy passage of nasty scum and gunk into the drain
  • Central Rim blade keeps the ring attached to the pop-up drain stopper
  • Crossbar at front & rear sides strengthen the entire structure

“Our hassle-free and exclusive TubRing and SinkRing are just the thing you have been waiting for so long. However, such an innovative project demands robust financial backup and hence, this campaign. Your generous support will enable us to keep your drains clog-free and make your showers more enjoyable than ever.”

Both TubRing and SinkRing are available in Ring and Floral shapes and in a wide range of colors to choose from.

Backers will be rewarded with handy discounts on TubRing & SinkRing.

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