Leveraging over 30 years of seafood industry experience, Seafood Crate’s service delivers fresh, high-quality seafood from the waters to customers’ doorsteps

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA – Seafood Crate has announced a summer launch for its premium seafood home delivery subscription service with an initial delivery area of southern Ontario.

Phil Benhaim, Seafood Crate CEO, says that buying fresh, high-quality seafood should be simple and easy. “Buying grocery store seafood isn’t hard, but it’s not fresh and the quality is questionable.” Oftentimes, grocery store fish has been treated with CO2 or tasteless smoke. This artificially alters the colour of the fish so that even if it’s long past its best before date, it still looks fresh. Seafood Crate’s products are not treated with artificial additives like tasteless smoke. With “honestly fresh” as the company tagline, this commitment to transparency and freshness is a central part of their company ethos.

Fish stays fresh longer if it is kept whole and uncut. As soon as it is cut, it begins to oxidize. Seafood in particular quickly loses its freshness, taste, and nutritional value because of oxidization. At a grocery store, the fish usually arrives pre-cut in a container. So it has already been oxidizing for two days or more. Seafood Crate receives their salmon whole. They fillet it and immediately vacuum pack it. This locks in the freshness with virtually no oxidization. After it’s vacuum packed, the seafood is carefully packed in “crates” and shipped out. 

Why “crate”? Why do they not call them boxes?

Fish and seafood were traditionally stored and shipped using wooden crates until the extensive use of plastics changed things. Phil grew up watching seafood being transported in wooden crates and to him, have a nostalgic and traditional feel to them.  “We pay homage to that in our crate’s design. We call it a crate instead of a box because, for us, it is something more special than just a box of seafood.” The crates are recyclable cardboard boxes containing insulation and ice gel packs. These crates are like portable fridges that keep the seafood cold and fresh in transit. 

There are currently 15 curated crates which have been expertly curated by Phil and his team. Each crate is tied to a theme and includes products that match the theme. Customers can also build their own custom crate with whatever seafood they like in whatever quantity. Delivery and taxes are included in the prices so there are no hidden fees or surprises at checkout. Crate subscription delivery is weekly, biweekly, or monthly and there is no commitment—subscriptions can be modified, paused, or canceled at any time.

Phil and his team at Seafood Crate believe their honestly fresh seafood home delivery will make big waves in the burgeoning home delivery subscription industry. Phil wants Seafood Crate’s customers to enjoy seafood as much as he and his family do.  “We sell products that we love and eat ourselves. We want people to have easy access to the freshest, highest quality seafood. That’s our mission.”

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