Blackminer Completes Odocrypt Algorithm Testing and DGB Payment Function to be Launched

The Blackminer team recently announced that they have completed testing of the Odocrypt algorithm on DigiBytes testnet, and become the first FPGA miner which can support DigiByte with Odocrypt algo. In the meantime, the Blackminer website will launch DGB payment acceptance on 4-6 July.

As we all know, DigiByte has three layers to the blockchain, which runs five advanced hashing algorithms. It acts as a decentralized payment network to ensure the absolute security of user transactions. In May 2019, the DigiByte team officially released DigiByte Core v7.17.2 to prepare for upgrading to the new algorithm: Odocrypt, which made it possible to welcome FPGAs in DGB mining equipment. This decision not only reflects DigiBytes strength and determination to decentralize through MultiShield technology, but also marks DigiByte as the first blockchain project to actively choose to embrace FPGA technology. After the network upgrade, DigiByte will support GPU, ASIC and FPGA mining at the same time, further cementing DigiBytes’ already gigantic lead as the most decentralized POW project in existence today.

The Blackminer team actively took part in developing support for the Odocrypt algorithm as soon as they learned of it’s impending release, and successfully completed all the preparation prior to the DigiByte network upgrade. Lili, the global sales director at Blackminer, stated that Blackminer have supported DigiByte in this network upgrade, and will also begin to accept DigiByte as a payment method on the Blackminer official website. “On the one hand, we want to support the DigiByte project and create more payment scenarios for DGB. On the other hand, we want to take this opportunity to express our common values, which is safety, fairness and decentralization, to more users,” said Lili.

Blackminer is a sustainable and consistently upgraded FPGA miner, which can successfully operate for several years longer than an ASIC. The ability to switch algorithms is the kind of flexibility and long-term protection miners look for, with support for many Altcoins. When there’s too much hashrate on one blockchain, the profit declines, then FPGA miners are able to proactively change algorithm to another more profitable blockchain. By comparison, ASIC miners must stay on and add hashrate to the same blockchain by buying more machines to increase their own hashrate.

Compared with ASIC miners, FPGA mining tends to avoid centralization and the possibility of 51% attacks, not by technology, but by market law. For this same reason, when there’s less hashrate on a particular blockchain, FPGA miners will move over to mine it, following the money. This in turn keeps certain smaller projects more active and in a healthier state. FPGA mining plays an important role for maintaining the ecological balance of cryptocurrency. The deep cooperation between Blackminer and DigiByte this time should serve as an exemplary case for the entire blockchain industry.

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The Blackminer team have showed their confidence of DigiByte. Looking in to the future, there are not only huge up-sides to DigiByte and the DGB community, but the added support with the DigiByte Global Summit every year. Beside the cooperation of mining equipment and payment scenarios, Blackminer and DigiByte will also strive to explore more opportunities for cooperation in the future.

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