Suggests Looking for a Good Roofer Kansas City has to Offer Suggests Looking for a Good Roofer Kansas City has to Offer

Roofs are something that you don’t think about until something has compromised the integrity of your roof. You go about your day to day activities and just take for granted the roof that is over your head. You may be lying in bed one night and notice a strange discoloration on your ceiling. It is a watermark and now you are wondering how exactly you have a watermark on your ceiling. The roof has a leaking spot that is allowing some of the outdoor elements such as rain or snow to gain access to your attic and then work its way through your ceiling. A small leak can be taken care of with a tarp to the top of your house until the weather is acceptable for a crew to gain long term roof access and permanently fix the source of the problem. A large leak is a bit more of a job.

Let’s backtrack to how this leak started in the first place. There are several reasons why a leak could develop on your roof. A typical roof can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years. The ten-year differential may seem extreme, but the roofs life can rely heavily on the environmental conditions in which it resides. As reported by areas that see all four seasons and receive heavy windstorms and temperatures ranges that go from the ’90s or even low 100’s during the summer months to arctic blasts below freezing during the winter months may teeter around the 20-year mark. Houses residing in more temperate conditions without such wide swings will most likely last closer to the 30-year mark. If you are the first owner of your home, then you should easily be able to keep track of how old your roof is an estimate when it will need to be replaced. If you have bought an older home your home inspector will give you the low down on the condition of your roof and about how long it will have until it should be replaced.

Aside from natural aging other factors such as storms can cause damage to your roof. Storms Headed for Kansas City can often be strong and produce significant winds and even tornadoes. These winds can send debris flying through the air and the debris becomes projectiles that can puncture your roof and put rather large holes in it. The winds can also rip off shingles. Bordner Home Improvement and other roofing companies across the region can come out and give estimates on repairs or replacements.

Roof repairs and replacements need to be performed in decent weather so crews can safely gain access to your roof. Houses that have sustained extreme damage from tornadoes or windstorms may be subject to homeowners’ insurance claims that will cover the new roof. Always check with your insurance agent if your roof is damaged due to a storm.

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