2019 Echemi Food Ingredient Sourcing Meeting & Food Industry Forum Comes to A Successful End

2019 Echemi Food Ingredient Sourcing Meeting & Food Industry Forum was held at Hall 4, NECC, Shanghai on June 20. David Zhang, the founder of Echemi, and industry experts from China, Pakistan, Canada, the United Kingdom and Indonesia were invited to share the development trend of the food industry. This meeting provided face-to-face communication opportunities for more than 30 global buyers of food ingredient industry and 100 Chinese suppliers, many of whom reached cooperation intention.

At 9:30 a.m., David Zhang firstly made an opening speech, showing the warmest welcome to all the distinguished guests. And then, he made an in-depth analysis of the food market.

David Zhang making the opening speech

“From 2014 to 2018, the food additives and ingredients industry has developed steadily. According to statistics, in the past five years, the variety output of major enterprises in the food additive industry has increased from 9.47 million tons to 12 million tons, with an average annual growth rate of 6.3%. Sales of main food additive products increased from 93.5 billion yuan to 116 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 6.0%. In the same period, the export volume remained around 3.6 billion to 3.7 billion dollars.” David Zhang said on the opening ceremony.

Professor Steven Liu from Tunghai University delivered a speech entitled Trends of Natural Preservative Developments and Application. In his speech, Professor Liu compared the food storage in ancient and modern time, and introduced innovative trend of food storage. Taking poly-lysine, nisin and natamycin as examples, Steven Liu pointed out that the current trend of preservatives should be “natural, healthy and scientific”.

Professor Steven Liu giving a speech

Mr. Mohammad Fahim from Pakistan gave a detailed analysis about the Pakistani food ingredients market, including beverages, bakery, healthy food, and Halal. Also, Mr. Fahim shared some data about Sino-Pakistan import/export volume under the Belt and Road Initiative.

Mr. Mohammad Fahim giving a speech

Mr. Fahim pointed out, “Over the past five years since the launch of CPEC, Pakistan’s GDP has grown by an average of 4.77%, and foreign direct investment in Pakistan has increased by about 240%. According to incomplete statistics, 17 projects in CPEC alone contribute $930 million in tax revenue to the Pakistani government.”

Dr. Liu Jian from Huiyang Biological Technology Co., Ltd., China. delivered a speech about the food ingredient, trehalose. From its discovery, features, functions, application and production, trehalose, a food material with high stability, was introduced in detail.

Dr. Liu Jian was making a speech

And Mr. Anwar from Canada presented a speech entitled What we need from Chinese suppliers to Improve. In his speech, Mr. Anwar mentioned that Chinese chemical companies were now leading the world and had made great progress in production technology.

Dr. Anwar was making a speech

Subsequently, Echemi invited three guests to participate in the interactive Q&A session. The host had in-depth discussions with Mr. Manzur from ACI, Bangladesh, Mr. Henri from Kanegrade, Finland and Ms. Vania from Indonesia on enterprise qualification, advantages and improvements of Chinese suppliers, prediction of future trend of food industry and online transaction. Mr. Henri noted, “China is a big producer of food raw materials. Eighty percent of the world’s vitamin C and xanthan gum are produced in China, so despite the long time of transportation, China is still the best choice for European importers.”

Q&A session

The sourcing meeting began in the afternoon. In three rounds of sourcing meeting, overseas buyers got information about suppliers, and suppliers also demonstrated their production and sales capabilities. At the meeting, global buyers of food ingredient industry held friendly exchanges with Chinese suppliers, many of whom reached cooperation intention.

2019 Echemi Food Ingredient Sourcing Meeting & Food Industry Forum gets a wonderful completion. As a leading part of chemical business in China and a professional B2B platform, Echemi aims to provide better products and services to global chemical companies In the future, Echemi will provide more personalized services for buyers and suppliers with various requests. There is a lot to look forward to.

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