UNITED KINGDOM – June 28, 2019 – The Internet gets Physical! Spatial computing is here and the XR Web economy will change how apps get developed, monetized and used:


Everyone has heard of virtual or augmented reality. And if you’re like me, you just sort of assume it’s going to be the next big thing. But not everyone is content just waiting around for these things to happen. There is a whole industry of startups, developers and pioneers working tirelessly to bring us the next Pokemon Go or the next immersive marketing experience.

But the going is tough for people on the bleeding edge of technology. Often the technology isn’t mature enough to know what market exists for their product, or they just dont know how, when or who to charge for their products. Thats why its important for believers in the technology to support those that are working to bring it to life. And this is exactly what many companies and individuals are trying to do in the augmented and virtual reality space.

Manindra Majumdar (www.linkedin.com/in/maindram), the CEO of XR Web (https://www.xrweb.network) is currently raising funds through a crypto sale to continue the development of his spatial computing protocol, and the company is setting aside a significant portion of the available tokens to go towards helping new developers. He said at a recent Huobi and XR Web meetup that helping developers is vital to the success of a new industry.

Others like Srenik Sadalgi, director of NextGen Experiences at Wayfair said of the program: “It’s not just the device, but the larger evolution in (spatial) computing that excites us! When your space is a part of the computing environment, it opens a whole new world of possibilities, and can lead to incredibly intuitive and natural customer experiences!”. XR Web seems prime in taking advantage of this new paradigm trend in computing combining spatial computing with a cryptocurrency based economy.

XR Web is selling their XR tokens to the public at a discount, to allow anyone that believes in the future of virtual, augmented or mixed reality to participate in building the community. The funds will go towards helping new developers as well as creating a platform to allow the growth of virtual reality apps and tools will give everyone that wants to be part of the future of mixed reality the ability to be a part of history.

XR tokens are currently available on sale at special discounted rates at https://www.ico.xrweb.network

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