RankRockr Offers, for a Limited Time, Ten SEO Packages at Massive 35% Discount

RankRockr has ten SEO packages to give away to businesses small and large at a phenomenal 35% discount, including backlink campaigns, on-page SEO and more.

Search Engine Optimization is essential for businesses looking to improve their exposure online. Search Engine Optimization is a complex industry, and a rapidly growing one. As such, there are many companies out there trying to make money from providing simple services that don’t address the real needs. RankRockr is an experienced digital agency that offers detailed battle hardened strategies for success. They have just created a promotion in which they will offer ten of their SEO packages at a massive 35% discount.

The limited edition discounts are intended to help those who could benefit from SEO but don’t have the budget to get an expert team, or those who are cynical about the potential results so they can experiment with impunity. Too many SEO houses offer great rates but poor results. RankRockr now offer great results at incredibly attractive rates.

The ten packages can be chosen by customers for the promotion, including on-page SEO and buying backlinks, and their gold, silver and bronze packages. The RankRockr team have developed and tweaked their strategies after working on thousands of campaigns for clients. Their strategy is always to focus on driving visibility for keywords that will result in revenue for their clients. With tried and tested whitehat techniques driving great results that can be maintained in the long term.

A spokesperson for RankRockr explained, “What we’ve found fascinating in recent months is the number of people who are proclaiming these strategies dead in the water after Panda. We, with a little tweaking and imagination, have reformulated these strategies and they’re more effective than ever. That’s the difference between real pros and the wannabes looking for quick wins. However, we are aware some businesses can only afford the wannabes and can’t really see the difference. These limited edition packages will help smaller clients spread the word about how huge the difference really is, and that these services really are worth their full value. We understand clients want results with the minim of fuss and effort on their part and that’s exactly what we deliver.”

About RankRockr

RankRockr has been helping businesses of all kinds improve their online presence through backlink campaigns and improving their on-page SEO. They are specialists who know the ins and outs of running SEO and link building campaigns, and have helped customers enjoy better rankings for their newly published websites. Their SEO experts know how to tweak strategies to suit the latest trends, and continually evolve to provide the best service possible. 

For more information please visit: http://rankrockr.com/

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