Underground Tornado Shelters Offer Life Saving Advantages

Families look for safest possible Tornado Shelter solutions in advance to the 2015 Tornado Season.

An underground tornado shelter is a must if you are to survive the direct hit of a tornado. All you have to do is review some of the television tapes of Moore, Oklahoma when twisters a couple of miles wide made a direct hit for several miles and literally wiped out entire neighborhoods.

Many of the people who survived had build underground shelters. While it was not a pleasant experience being underground while the tornado roared overhead, their lives were spared.

Many homes in Oklahoma do not have basements, for example, because of the fact that much of the soil is clay, and it expands and contracts as the ground absorbs moisture and then drys out. Many of the homeowners in Moore went ahead with underground tornado shelters, however, since there had been devastating tornadoes in the past.

Underground storm shelters are the safest place to be during a tornado of any kind, let alone one the size of the F5 twisters that obliterated Moore. Basements are good places to go, but you are still vulnerable to falling debris and the sucking forces of the wind. If you are underground in a shelter, you will be protected from falling debris and the winds.

In an underground shelter you will be safe because you will be protected from the force and the winds of the tornado, as it will simply pass over your head as it moves on.

If you have an underground shelter, you should stock it with food and water and a NOAA weather radio. Many shelter dwellers in the last Moore tornado found that after the twister left and went on, rescuers had difficulty finding them due the debris that was piled on top of the shelter itself.

Now the city of Moore has designated that everyone who has a shelter must register it with the city, so there would be a sure way to locate each shelter in the area in the event of a tornado. In this way, everyone would be able to be found and rescued even if the debris does cover the shelter.

A reasonably priced underground shelter is priced anywhere from $3,500 to $8,000 and can be dug and constructed without too much trouble or delay. The one problem that has occurred however is that there is a waiting period that can evolve as many people decide to build shelters.

Some people have opted for a safe room, which is an extra-reinforced room in the house that meets the federal standards of being able to withstand a 250 mph wind and be structurally sound according to the standards.

An underground shelter is still preferable to a safe room, because most safe rooms did not survive the Moore storms because the winds were consistently above the 250 mph mark. If you are underground, it doesn’t matter if the winds are 900 mph, it is still going to pass over you and you will be safe.

If you are wondering about getting an underground storm shelter put in, go ahead and get it done, and you and your family will be much safer in the next storm.

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