Indiegogo Campaign Will Give Away Mt. Everest

March 5, 2015 – Campaign partners Himalayan Aid and the Sirolli Institute are offering some breathtaking perks for their $123,000 campaign to “Help Nepal’s New Entrepreneurs.”  Donors at different levels can find themselves face-to-face with the highest mountain in the world.  

The grandest option is the campaign’s fully catered 21-day walk up to both Mt. Everest base camp and to Kala Patar:  an adjacent peak with superior views of Everest.  According to James Rinaldi, Nepal Project Director for the Sirolli Institute, there are other Everest options available for those donors who lack the time and energy for such a commitment.

“Really, if you give to the campaign at a certain level and show up in Kathmandu, we can find a way to book you on the ‘Mountain Flight’ that goes right up to the south face of Everest on a daily basis—it’s spectacular.”

All donor perks in this campaign are both creative and innovative. They range from being a quoted contributor to a book being written on the campaign; to a free week in a luxury Kathmandu apartment; to an actual opportunity to volunteer and provide input to the project during its operation. 

“We care mostly about forming a community with this campaign” says Rinaldi. “We’ll be on the ground with this effort starting May 11, and we’ve got room for each and every donor who wants to come to Kathmandu and check us out.”  

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