People spend 500 dollars for a Barnabas Gerei tee in the pre-order set what is now available among Interested Customers

The soon to launch Barnabas Gerei, the finest apparel ever made yet, is now available for pre-order.

Starting on June 2015, this apparel company is set to release a full sale of wide array of clothing’s such as handmade designer tee shirts and other awesome garments that are sure to offer new, trendy items. All of their clothes are checked by the owner to ensure the best quality. There are only one hundred pieces that will be available for the pre-order set which makes it even more exclusive for the lucky customers.

For tee shirts, pricing will be at five hundred dollars with only one style available at once. All items will come with certification of authenticity. These are also packed in their exclusive boxes. For the fashionable ages, this is just another way to show the unique taste of apparel branding. In June, the big launching will be happening where in interested customers can enjoy a complete stock of exclusive tee shirts.

Barnabas Gerei is indeed the next big thing that people should look out for. The latest and finest clothing line is actually stirring buzz on the web ever since its announcement of pre-order availability. More and more people are expressing their interest and support for the highly anticipated apparel brand. The company also wants to encourage those who like to place their pre-order through the famous crowdfunding site, indiegogo.

Up to date, there are already pre-orders made and the available tees are quickly vanishing. For those who want to experience Barnabas Gerei tees for the first time, they can be in a hurry on making pre-order for their exclusive copy that costs $500. The finest apparel’s tee shirts are exclusively designed to provide individuality for every user. They are also available in various colors that perfectly match the preference of every user.

With the finest materials and all-inclusive sizes for every body type, the clothes are expected to be the best apparel ever worn, after the big launching in June. This year will be a great year for the soon-to-launch finest apparel ever made. Three months to go and the public will experience Barnabas Gerei with its exclusive tee designs and styles uniquely created for exclusivity.

Pre-order now and get a chance to wear something that other people have not worn yet.

For those who are interested for pre-order, they may visit for more information.

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