Multi-talented artist Joemayk launches his new single, “Lost Paradise”

Joemayk is a talented guitarist, singer-songwriter and music producer of Venezuelan origin. He has recently announced the launch of his latest single titled “Lost Paradise” on major music showcasing platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer and Apple Music. The song features beautiful lyrics that hit right in the heart. The singer has used some intriguing metaphors to tell a story of love, relationship and life as a whole. He is influenced by artists and bands like Queen, Aerosmith, Tom Petty, The Killers, and The Heartbreakers, The Beatles and the Smiths among others. He also got his inspiration from solo artists like Elton John, BB King, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix John, and John Mayer.

Joemayk’s interest in alternative rock and fresh and classic inspired him to begin his musical career as a soloist under the name of Aaron Avanish in 1999 with his single “Dame”. In 2006, he decided to move to Madrid where he published his first work, A pasos desiertos” which received great response from the music lovers. In 2013, he released two singles titled “singles “Como Los Gigantes” and “Contigo pa’ Siempre” while in 2016, he moved to London for expanding his musical career base to the English language.

Joemayk started composing in English and after months of hard work, he released his EP titled “Love” composed of 7 songs. In 2018, he started exploring his true style and decided to change his artist name to represent him as an artist in the music scene. His latest work “Drive Somewhere” is a song that reflects the changing phase that he goes through.

In 2019, Joemayk released his third musical work titled “Animal Soul”, an EP consists of 5 songs in the genres of Heartland Rock, Glam Rock, and Soft Rock. A paragraph from the lyrics of his latest single Lost Paradise reads,

“We are like a comet
running down the main street
always looking at the countdown
always missing the hometown
please don’t be afraid 
I’m not a child anymore
I’ve learned how to cook fried eggs
and to make love to you so well”

Know more about the artist on his official website.

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