CaR-B 3D License Plate Frames to launch innovative 3D car license plate frames on Kickstarter

CaR-B 3D License Plate Frames are a unique kind of 3-dimensional car license plate frames that will render a new exciting look to your car and also enable you to express your unique self.

No more boring old-world license plate frames for your beloved wheels. Something cool is coming up for your car license plates! A dynamic Air Force Academy graduate, Chris Williams, is soon to launch a campaign on Kickstarter for his innovative 3D car license plate frames that will render a special edge to your steam. Titled “CaR-B 3D License Plate Frames”, these exclusive frames are meant to help the car owner celebrate his unique persona with his vehicle.

It all started one beautiful morning with Williams spotting a gorgeous car with a crass license plate frame.

“I observed most of the car owners have this same problem. Almost all the cars you see on the road, no matter how nice these are, you will find flat, dull, boring traditional license plate frame stuck on them. And that’s a disgrace. I wanted to change things here with something new and exciting. Most importantly, I believe our cars are one of our most treasured assets, and the license plate frame should mirror our unique selves. Thus, the idea of CaR-B 3D License Plate Frames was born,” said Williams while talking about his inspiration behind the new-age CaR-B 3D License Plate Frames.

The CaR-B 3D License Plate Frames come with double outer wall for additional strength. These frames carry interlocking rail system for each section that disperses downward forces on a broad area. The company has deployed a modern snap joint lock system which eliminates the need for small screws and also the risk of lost or loose screws.

Each of the frames comprises of 3 sections – the 3-dimensional object, the frame, and the banner. All the 3D objects and banners are interchangeable. There is a wide range of designs to choose from for the banner, as per the user’s specific interests, choices, and persona. Some of the available banner designs at present are the American flag, flowers, peeping eyes, watchful dog, and so on. 

“Our unique license plate frames are super sturdy and backed by advanced engineering. We have got a team of highly skilled, knowledgeable, and seasoned engineers in our team. We have used ABS plastic to ensure solid durability, ruggedness, and glossy finish. In regards to paints, we have used high quality and UV-resistant paints. Our frames have been tested in the scorching heat of Arizona and the chilling cold of North Dakota – and in both cases, our frames have passed with flying colors. However, such an innovative project demands robust financial backup. And hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring our 3D plate frames to life and leverage the classy quotient of your car big time.”

All the CaR-B 3D License Plate Frames are easy to assemble and install.

The company also believes in giving back. CaR-B 3D License Plate Frames will donate 5% of its profits generated from the sale of the American Flag Frame System to The Wounded Warrior Project.

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