OmniPod is the new kid on the block in the ever-growing world of podcasting. However, OmniPod is not just your average podcasting platform and with the App, the founding team is determined to change the way we share experiences, knowledge and general updates with each other.

Today, podcasting is to a great extent reserved for professional podcasters and influencers with access to the necessary equipment and technical knowledge while the average user is left to the listener-side. OmniPod wants to change this and make podcasting more accessible and social.


In 2017 Forbes asked “Is social podcasting the next big thing?” We strongly believe that it is, it just hasn’t successfully been introduced to the mass market yet. With OmniPod we strive to give everyone a voice regardless of podcasting experience, technical skills and expensive equipment. And then we want to make podcasting a truly social experience – think traditional social media but through the spoken word instead.
 – Trine Hoffensetz Winther, CEO & founding partner.

In short, OmniPod does the same for audio, as Instagram does for pictures. In the App, users can record and upload new sound clips, edit, apply filters, share with their network, listen to others’ updates/podcasts – and of course like, follow, and comment just like they are used to in other social media. The app makes podcasting much more accessible and steers it away from a one-way communication channel to a dialog-based social medium.


Most people know what a podcast is and millions of listeners worldwide are enjoying the benefit of being able to listen in on-the-go – whether that be in the car, on the bicycle, in the kitchen or basically any other situation you might find yourself in.

“We want to leverage this ability to stay updated on-the-go and extend it to the users’ social network as well so they can go through the daily updates through their headphones instead of scrolling through images and videos for hours each day. This way, we can help limit screen time while still making it possible to stay connected and up to speed with your friends and network.”
 – Kenneth C. H. Winther, founding partner


Already during the development of version 1, there has been a big show of interest in the new social media platform both from investors and influencers. As a result, OmniPod has attracted some of the top experts within sound, marketing and tech development who have now joined as advisors to ensure the highest quality in all aspects of the concept development and execution.

“We’re extremely excited to have such a strong advisory team onboard as it enables us to nail the key parameters and ensure high quality for our users from day one. We’re confident that we will succeed in revolutionizing the podcast medium and we see huge global potential with the continuously increasing interest in podcasting with millions of listeners across the globe.”
 – Armin Kavousi, founding partner

OmniPod App will be available in AppStore and Google Play from August 2019.

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