Feisou will continue to contribute to human hair health and return to nature

There are more and more shampoos of varieties of functions are springing up in the market, some of them would adopts some irritant ingredients that are harmful to peoples scalps.

Is estradiol of real benefit to preventing hair loss?

One of the estrogen hormones, estradiol, is an estrogen therapeutic agent that can be absorbed by the skin to supplement the deficiency of 17-β estradiol secreted by women’s ovaries. Many manufacturers add it to shampoos and claim it prevents hair loss. Actually, estrogen is a primary carcinogen. Even a small amount of estrogen can affect human health. Long-term use of it can cause a series of problems to the scalp, such as excessive oil secretion and acne. It can also cause atrophy of the skin in severe cases.

How much do you know about the preservative MIT?

Methylisothiazolinone (abbreviated as MIT) is a preservative that is chlorinefree and strongly sensitized, and can inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and mould. Lower concentration of Methylisothiazolinone can effectively kill a variety of bacteria, thus it is widely used as a preservative in cosmetics and cleaning products. However, consumers may be allergic to products containing this preservative. Therefore, the maximum dosage of the preservative is set at 0.01% to reduce the rate of skin allergy.

Any irritant additive being likely to cause irritation to the scalp should be added carefully and normatively, only by this, can they help ameliorate the hair problems and keep peoples hair healthy.

feisou shampoo attaches great importance to the selection of ingredients and advocates natural and healthy hair care. It mainly adopts mild amino acid surfactants and natural plant essential oils. Without adding any essence, pigment, silicone oil and thickener like sodium chloride, feisou has been persisting with its brand idea to produce the healthy shampoo to help people bothered by oily hair, damaged hair and hair loss, restoring natural shine to their hair.

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