What Everyone Needs to Do after They’ve Been in an Accident

It’s never a good thing to be in an accident. It can be frightening and even shocking for someone to have their day thrown into chaos due to a collision. Major accidents can involve visits to the hospital, but thankfully, minor collisions are a little scary, but they’re something that one can walk away from.

Most know that the first thing a person needs to do is to exchange insurance information and phone numbers. A talk with the police will also likely be necessary. After that, there is more to do just after an accident that everyone needs to be prepared for.

At this point, it’s important to make sure that their car is properly taken care of. Car accidents may seem like they’re not severe, but on closer inspection, one can discover that more damage was done than initially met the eye.

There are minor fender-benders, this is true. A major impact to the front, back, or sides of a vehicle can mean significantly more damage than one might initially think possible. This is why it’s important to ensure that a professional mechanic is enlisted to look at the damage done to a car after a collision.

Always make sure to have the number of a qualified professional technician on hand to call in case of these type of emergencies. Preparation for this possibility should involve the assurance that a mechanic will do the following:

  • Send a Tow Truck: It’s the most convenient thing to have if the mechanic in question is able to send a tow truck directly to pick up a damaged vehicle.
  • Arrange Alternate Transportation: A good business shows its worth by taking the initiative and being able to arrange for a rental car to replace the one damaged shows that they value a client’s custom.
  • Ensure that the Client is Kept Up-To-Date: It’s expected the work done on a vehicle is completed in a reasonable amount of time, but it shows care for a mechanic to keep their client informed on the progress of their vehicles. It doesn’t, and shouldn’t be every minute, or every hour, but fairly often.
  • Make Sure the Vehicle Shines! This is just a nice touch for the customer. A mechanic who cleans up after himself and makes sure that the vehicle looks nice is like the maid who leaves a mint on the pillow!
  • Charge the Appropriate Party: Not everyone thinks about this and many are used to the opposite happening. There are many garages whose policy it is to charge the customer. The customer is then responsible for reimbursement from their insurance company. A business that makes sure the insurance company is directly billed cuts out the middleman and shows initiative.

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